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Wyatt Russell Is Warning Us Ahead Of Falcon And Winter Soldier Finale

Wyatt Russell, the new Captain America, is giving us a warning ahead of next week’s finale! The Falcon And The Winter Soldier will be airing its finale next week, and fans are stoked! Spoilers follow for the fifth episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. After John Walker’s mental breakdown in episode four, he murders a Flagsmasher in cold blood, tarnishing Cap’s shield at the same time. The beginning of episode five has Sam and Bucky forced to confront him and retrieve the shield. After all that, and being brought in the custody, the Government strips Walker of his title and rank. He’s no longer Captain America and they expect the shield back. Well, as you can imagine Walker isn’t keen on this. Now, Wyatt Russell is warning us ahead of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier finale. He says Walker is “Very dangerous”.

Wyatt Russell Is Warning Us Ahead Of Falcon And Winter Soldier Finale

It’s clear that Walker can no longer be considered Captain America. His descent into the U.S Agent is all but complete.

Russell spoke to Esquire, “He only ever knew one family — and that was the United States Military. He cared and he fought for them and he loved it, but now they’ve taken it. They’ve used him, and he feels used and doesn’t feel understood. Everybody has now turned their back on him, which is very dangerous to do to a person like that who now has Super Soldier Serum in his veins.”

He’s headed for a rematch with Sam, and probably Bucky as well. Episode 5 saw Sam finally accept that he should be the next Captain America. Bucky called in some favors with the Wakandans and delivered a case to Sam. We don’t yet know what’s in there but after training with the shield episode 5 ends with Sam opening it. It’s almost definitely his own Captain America costume, which I can’t wait to see.

How do you feel about the fact that Wyatt Russell is warning us ahead of the finale? Are you worried about your favorite character? Let us know in the comments below!

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will premiere its sixth and final episode on Friday, April 23, on Disney+.

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