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WSC Cleveland: Ryan Hurst teases season 10

Published on August 4th, 2019 | Updated on August 4th, 2019 | By FanFest

Kicking off day two was The Whisperer panel. Cassady McClincy, Matt Lintz and Ryan Hurst gathered to discuss their time on season 9 and what to expect in season 10.

Lintz who plays the Henry (RIP) loved his time on the show and believes that his mother, Carol was the most affected by Henry’s death.

“Honestly, there were three main people that got affected the most, I must say King Ezekiel, Carol, and Lydia. And honestly, I will still say it’s Carol because she’s had to go through so much. When she’s lost so many people and has been with Henry for so long. And him being her son for almost six years of six, seven years, you know, and losing him like that. A part of her is gone. I think you’ll see a crazier Carol, maybe hopefully, because I think everybody wants to see a crazy Carol,” said Lintz.

Lintz also described the grueling process of creating his zombie head and how he wishes to never go through that again.

“Never say never, buddy,” Hurst joked.

Hurst was definitely the joker of the panel but McClincy’s energy was infectious. McClincy talked about working with Samantha Morton and what it was like to get into character while working with her.

“She’s so good at switching it off like that. And I think working with actors like that, it’s kind of easier to kind of be on their plane. She’s amazing, she’s so bubbly and fun and offset she’s always singing and dancing. Yeah. I think she’s just amazing at her job… She’s the nicest person but then she just stares into your eyes with this killing look. It’s horrifying,” said McClincy.

McClincy started to tease season 10 by referencing the trailer. Lydia gets a new weapon.

Okay, so I know I can talk about this because it’s in the trailer. So, Lydia has a bo staff this season, obviously because it’s in the trailer. Okay, so it’s not a spoiler. Yeah. And that day, I was really nervous, I was so scared that I was going to look like an idiot or hurt someone with the staff. And then after we do a couple takes, I did not have the staff anymore because they took it away from me. They took it away from me right after the take- because they don’t want me to hurt people,” said McClincy

Hurst added onto teasing season 10 when a fan asked what their most embarrassing moment was. After that, he rolled with as much as he could say about the upcoming season.

“There’s an intense scene between Alpha and Beta and I’m sort of supposed to like make a statement, you start to see some conflict between the two of them. I can tell you that much, I’m supposed to say something and make an exit. I go to make my exit and man I just tripped right on my face,” said Hurst.

The teases continued when a fan asked why Beta, who is a giant alpha male himself, follows Alpha around.

“Well, that’s the whole big question. Right? That’s all that I can tell you. We sort of dive into some of that in season 10. And that’s all I can tell you is I mean, it is the fact that you’re asking that question means that we’re doing our job narratively. ‘Why does this giant powerful dude follow this charismatic little lady around? And all I can say is, I guess I could say this, very early in season 10 you’ll get a lot of answers” said Hurst.

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