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Walker Stalker Con Cleveland: Mother and Son Panel with Sarah Wayne Callies and Chandler Riggs

Published on August 3rd, 2019 | Updated on August 4th, 2019 | By FanFest

Sarah Wayne Callies and Chandler Riggs opened Walker Stalker Cleveland with their Mother and Son panel.

The two talked mostly about working together and their generational differences before turning it over to the fans.

“Certainly her (Callies) leaving the show was, it was honestly, it was kind of rough for me and Lauren (Cohen) who plays Maggie. I know for a while after that, it was just like, it took us days to film that scene. And just being in that headspace for that long a time is like, when you’re 12, it’s not really a fun experience,” said Riggs on Callies’ exit. “But it’s so amazing to be sitting here on this stage still to this day with Sarah and to have that. It’s just, it’s so amazing. And I’m so lucky to be here today.”

“I mean, it’s (The Walking Dead) amazing. It’s one of the ways that I know how long the show’s been going on, because it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long for me, but I look at you and I think well you’re shaving now so, something must be different,” said Callies on watching Riggs grow up on set. “But I think it’s one of the great gifts of the show that we have all these extraordinary young actors, Chandler and all of these kids have kind of come through and now we get to watch them flourish into careers that are crushing ours.”

Callies went on to explain how Riggs helped her understand what a silent disco was.

“You guys, get yourselves the millennial! they are so useful,” she exclaimed.

A fan asked the two if they could change their character death, would they? Riggs wished that Carl would’ve died in a cooler way and Callies would’ve loved to meet Judith.

“The time that he (Carl) spent with the threat and the time that he had, what he did with that time and I think every single word that you said everybody did was for was honestly just for Judith, to save Alexandria and everything and everyone that he loved. Yeah, so I’m happy with that. For sure,” said Riggs.

“Well, I wouldn’t have minded meeting my daughter…. When you’re joining a show called The Walking Dead. I don’t think you’re anticipating like a long time. We were at Comic-Con for season one, when somebody showed me the frame in the comic book of how Lori goes. We went through a few different show runners on the show, and they had different plans for her. My theory has always been that my job as an actor is to serve the story. And so when I got the call, all I could think about was being incredibly grateful that I got to be on the ride and wanting to make sure that I left to this much grace and gratitude as possible,” said Callies.

Speaking of Judith, both Riggs and Callies agree that Michonne is doing a wonderful job of raising her. They are proud of the little warrior she has become.

Riggs is continuing to pursue his music while he continues to act. You can catch him on ABC’s “A Million Little Things.” Callies can be seen in NBC’s “Council of Dads” as well as on her narrative podcast.

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