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Walker Stalker Con Cleveland: Callan McAuliffe and Katelyn Nacon

Published on August 3rd, 2019 | Updated on August 4th, 2019 | By FanFest

Callan Mcauliffe and Katelyn Nacon made the cutest couple after the six-year time jump. They reunited at WSC Cleveland to discuss Nacon’s exit, their memories on set and what’s next on The Walking Dead.

Mcauliffe, whose character Alden is still grieving the loss of Enid, kept quiet about the upcoming season.

“I can’t not only because of contractual obligation and the fear of firing, but also because we’re out of order. So, even if you were to ask me, I wouldn’t be able to tell you,” said Mcauliffe.

Early on in the panel, Seth Gilliam kicked off the audience questions by asking who Mcauliffe and Nacon’s favorite actors to work with were. Nacon jokingly answered-

“There is a character and he’s kind of like a preacher or whatever. I’m telling him don’t watch the show because he ruins it, so watch the show up until he comes in. From then on. It all goes downhill,” she said referring to Gilliam’s character, Father Gabriel.

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Back to business, a fan asked what they thought were the hardest parts or scenes to shoot.

“At the risk of sounding like a broken record, when I first joined the show, it is something of an accessible hierarchy of people and work ethic on one program. And so you know, these are people are friends, I’m the new guy. But it was this one who was kind enough to welcome me in,” Mcauliffe said referring to Nacon.

“Then he got to know me and his whole disaster,” said Nacon jokingly.

Mcauliffe also mentioned his discomfort with singing on set.

Nacon wasn’t the only actor to help Mcauliffe out, Lauren Cohan (Maggie) helped him feel at ease when performing. Nacon, on the topic, mentioned her difficulty with reacting to Carl’s death.

“Everyone around you is just supportive when he makes you feel very comfortable in order to break down crying and screaming,” said Nacon.

Speaking of Carl, if he was alive to see Enid’s death, she’d hope he wouldn’t take it well.

“The Carl that we left off with was very different from the Carl that we knew for a long time, he was very mature and very wise. I think it would knock him down a peg,” said Nacon. “But I think he would hopefully be mentally healthy enough to move on relatively quickly in the sense of accepting or coming to acceptance early enough and not living in denial.”

The panel was light-hearted and full of singing ( got to love “Loch Lomond”). These two are adorable together and we wish Katelyn the best.

You can see Nacon in the Hulu show Light as a Feather (season 2! she’s not in season 1) and she’s also continuing to work on her music. Mcauliffe is still on The Walking Dead and is in an upcoming documentary. He also wrote the 2018 book “The Hill Ghost” available on Amazon.

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