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Batwoman: Ruby Rose Answers if She’d Return as Batwoman

Published on March 10th, 2021 | Updated on March 10th, 2021 | By FanFest

Batwoman suffered a devastating loss last summer when it lost its lead in Ruby Rose. Ruby Rose portrayed Kate Kane on Batwoman and was the original Batwoman on the show. Ruby Rose left suddenly last summer for a bunch of different reasons, which was unfortunate. This left a hole not only in the cast but also in the show’s story. Batwoman addressed the issue with its second season premiere, and it did so as well as it could. Kate Kane’s plane went down but she was nowhere to be found. Ryan Wilder found the batsuit in the wreckage and the rest is history! It’s about all you could hope for, right? The writers did their best and Javicia Leslie has been doing a great job filling the role. Fans have constantly been asking though… would Ruby Rose return? She talked about that very thing herself recently.

The CW

“I mean, I’m obviously moving on to other roles as I think I’ve done about three films since. I would totally do it. I don’t think it would serve the story because I think building the new Batwoman is more important than going back too far into Kate Kane, but of course, I would, I would absolutely do anything they wanted as far as that [Laughs]. I haven’t watched the whole thing, but I’ve watched a couple of episodes, and I think how they’re handling it is beautiful. I think it’s her time to shine.” is what Ruby Rose had to say on the subject.

It’s understandable and I’ve said as much in my Batwoman reviews. They need to focus on building up Ryan instead of constantly mentioning Kate. Still, I’d love to see Ruby Rose return. At least once!

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