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Wonder Woman: Is Gal Gadot Being Recast In The DCEU!? We Really Hope Not!

Published on June 9th, 2021 | Updated on June 9th, 2021 | By FanFest

Gal Gadot has been almost universally praised as Wonder Woman in the DCEU. DC films generally take some serious flak on the internet. Wonder Woman was different, it was the first  DCEU film that didn’t get bogged down with terrible or mediocre reviews. Is Gal Gadot being recast in the DCEU? We really hope not, since she’s the perfect Wonder Woman!

There have been rumors going around for a couple of days now surrounding the character of Wonder Woman. These rumors claim that the character will be appearing in The Flash film, starring Ezra Miller.

Even though it would suck to see someone else in the role of Wonder Woman it’s not impossible. Wonder Woman 1984 wasn’t exactly a huge hit. Not to mention the constant SnyderVerse controversy.

It’s possible that it’s only a temporary thing, though. We already know that The Flash will explore DC’s multiverse, so perhaps we will witness some alternate universe shenanigans.

One of the original live-action Batmen, after Adam West, will be returning for the film! Michael Keaton will be suiting up into his original Batsuit in order to meet the DCEU’s Batman, Ben Affleck.

So maybe the Wonder Woman news isn’t something to be worried about. Maybe the Wonder Woman recast isn’t a recast at all. If we’re going to see other versions of Batman why couldn’t we see different versions of Wonder Woman?

That would certainly make more sense than getting rid of arguably the most popular of your DCEU actresses. The rumor was always a little iffy, considering that we’ve heard there are plans for a Wonder Woman 3.

Wonder Woman 3 may not be for some time, but the director of the first two films, Patty Jenkins, claims she has an idea for the third film already! So, is Gal Gadot being recast? We don’t think so but can’t say for sure!

Well, if anything is confirmed you can bet that we’ll report on it! Until then, let’s just assume that Gal Gadot is safe. If only for our own sanity!


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