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Will Jurassic World 2 Feature A Dinosaur Vs Submarine Action Sequence?

Published on April 28th, 2017 | Updated on April 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

Details are slowly but surely emerging about the upcoming Jurassic World 2. Plot is still very much unknown, but some recent casting news could give us insight into what this film will entail, and it … looks … frighteningly epic!

Earlier this month, I reported that “Rexy” the T-Rex would be returning to the franchise; and then a few days ago we learned that another Jurassic Park alum Jeff Goldblum would also be returning as the famed Dr Ian Malcolm! Although it is a new role that was just cast that could give us our first look at plot details.

Screenrant pointed us to an interview with an actor named Kevin Layne, where he describes his being cast as “Submarine Pilot”. HOWEVER the interview that Screenrant references from Management in Stage Film and Television seems to have been taken down.** At this point it’s unclear if the interview was removed due to spoilers or if it was fake. The site seems to be a Tumblr with an update every month or so. So if this IS true, then it’s a huge scoop for them. So for the moment, let’s assume this is legit and go off of what Screenrant copied from the interview.

“I read for two parts, and ended up getting the role of ‘submarine pilot’, which was the role I wanted as it is quite an epic scene. So I should have a nice cinematic moment on screen in a massive studio film. Filming starts in May [so] hopefully I’ll be in one of their amazing contraptions, pretending that there’s dinosaurs around me. I’ve never worked with CGI before so it’s fun and challenging. But I can now say to people ‘You know there’s no dinosaur there right?’” – Kevin Layne

Now IF this report is true, then this might be the most amazing thing yet from a Jurassic film. Many fans – me included – always wanted some paleo-sea monsters in the film and we got that in Jurassic World with the massive Mosasaurus! So saying there is an “epic scene” involving a submarine in a film about dinosaurs totally points to there being some sort of underwater scene where a Submarine goes up against one – or more – such epic creature.

Then again, maybe Rexy straps on a pair of water wings.

Now it’s unclear if this would be an actual military grade submarine or a little submersible pod; but considering the militarized dino subplot that was introduced in Jurassic World, it’s safe to say this will be Option 1. Did the Mosasaurus get out? Does this actually involve a Plesiosaur? Is all of this getting our hopes up for nothing?

At this point it’s hard to tell, and I’d rather be upfront with the suspect nature of this report. Though if this is an early spoiler – similar to the early plot spoilers we got for Jurassic World that ended up being true – I am actually very excited. The plot leaks of Jurassic World seemed a little weird at first, but actually seeing them in action was spectacular! If the leaks this time around foretell scenes this intense, I can only imagine what Trevorrow has in store for us! And again, with Sir Ian Malcolm coming back into the fold, it truly looks like this film will explore all the CHAOS these experiments have brought into the world.

*Disclaimer: Yes, I know the pictured animal is a Mosasaurus, which is a Mosasaur as opposed to a Dinosaur. Though again, since we don’t know if it will be a Mosasaur, Plesiosaur or T-Rex with an inner tube, I decided to go with Dinosaur in the article title.

**The link to the interview Screenrant provided was the site main Tumblr page itself. The link to the ‘supposed’ article was actually found on SlashFilm.

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