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Will Judith Grimes’ Immunity Come Into Play on ‘The Walking Dead’?

Published on December 23rd, 2018 | Updated on December 23rd, 2018 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead could soon explore whether some people are actually immune to becoming infected.

Judith Grimes, played by young actress Cailey Fleming, seems to be the most likely candidate on which AMC could test this theory.

Tom Payne, whose character Jesus just met his demise at the hands of The Whisperers, says the storyline could definitely happen on the show.

Talking to Serieously Youtube Channel, Tom was asked questions based on several fan theories. His response to that one was,

“Interesting. That got brought up earlier on, actually. Someone thought that Rick might be immune.

He says that he hadn’t thought about it, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be explored in the huge Walking Dead Universe that just opened up, including the films.

“And I hadn’t even thought about that. But I do think that that could be a future storyline in the show, definitely. And I think, yeah, it makes sense that Judith could be immune. That would be cool. It would be kind of funny if she got bit and didn’t die and Carl got bit and did die.”

Robert Kirkman has been infamously tight lipped about these possibilities as not to give any future storylines away, but it’s safe to say he’s been asked about it. A lot.

The main reason why he doesn’t want to go there?

“One, because it’s been done on a lot of other zombie stories. And two, because you know it’s kind of a mythology-breaking proposition. You don’t want that kind of thing as far as somebody being immune. And we have dabbled in that a little bit in [Fear the Walking Dead].”

He said this back in 2017, before many events rocked The Walking Dead world, including Rick and Carl’s premature exits.

“But as far as actually trying to solve the thing, I’ve always thought that one of the best things about this show is that it’s not about scientists and it’s not about people that would take that on as a task — because I feel like that’s unrelatable,”

He cited that if it were that easy, the show would be pointless.Over the past few years, he has become warmer to the idea of throwing us a bone, specifically dropping where and how the outbreak originated.

Judith Grimes being immune could be a very interesting story, and it would likely mean that Baby Grace is immune as well. We haven’t seen Baby Grace (now Aaron’s (Ross Marquand) daughter) yet in her current form after the 6 year time jump, so that will be fun to see the two of them.

The Walking Dead Season Nine returns February 10th.


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