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Why Stephen Amell’s ‘Nocking Point’ Parties are the best!

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For those of you who have
never attended one of Stephen Amell’s
legendary ‘Nocking Point’ parties,
have no clue what a ‘Nocking
Point’ party
is, or you were unaware of the fact that ‘Nocking Point’
itself even existed,
I shall
share a small bit of experience with you about Nocking Point itself, and

their amazing wine

One morning as I was preparing myself for my
very first
Heroes and Villains FanFest
convention (The San Jose one, actually!),
I was trolling on FaceBook to look
at Stephen Amell’s ‘Meme
Monday’ album. I
was having a rough day at work and I needed a laugh. I
then saw a photo on
FaceBook page for his ‘Nocking Point’ wine party. I immediately
texted my
friend Sandi, who was going to
the convention with me. She had
previously attended a wine party, and said
we should definitely go for it. I
stoked. An amazing convention during the day followed by a wine party at

night… hosted by Stephen
Amell. Guaranteed to be awesome!



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Stephen Amell and Andrew Harding are the
co-founders of Nocking
Point, which is currently one of
Washington State’s
newest wineries. In May 2012, Stephen and Andrew were on
their way to a Toronto
Jay’s baseball game, when they decided to stop in Paso Robles, CA for a

wine tasting. This small wine
tasting experience went from a pit stop, to a full
2-day experience which
inspired Stephen and Andrew to
enter into the world of
wine themselves. Currently located in Walla Walla,
Washington- Nocking Point is

currently working on expanding shipment of their wine products to all 50
and updates frequently as
new states become

Unfortunately, Nocking Point is unable to ship wine to all 50 U.S states, but if you check
out their
‘FAQ’ on their website, they
explain that they are working towards
it! However, you do not need to be a
wine drinker to receive some of
benefits of Nocking Point!

There are
different ‘clubs’
through Nocking Point. The first one is the ‘wine club’
which ships 4
times a year and includes shipments
of Wine, Coffee and NP Gear.
Awesome, right!? Then there is the ‘NP Goods’
option, which ships 12- times a

year and includes shipments of coffee and NP Gear.

I am currently
unable to receive wine in my state, so when I saw they had
the NP Goods
option available, I was extremely
excited. So once a month I
receive a shipment of coffee (usually it comes
with two-four bags) and some NP

Gear (i.e stemless wine glass, wax candle, NP coffee mugs…etc).

Bottom line, Nocking Point Clubs are pretty awesome…
and you should
totally join. Or if you don’t
want to join a club, just hit the
online store and check out some of their

The Party


you have ever
attended a wine party in the past, believe me, Nocking
Point’s wine party’s
surpass all
of them. For $100 you can get a general admission ticket which
unlimited wine tasting, a unique
‘Nocking Point’ stemless wine glass
(yours to keep!), and the chance to
hang out with fellow wine
enthusiast along
with some cast members! For $175 you can purchase the VIP
ticket (usually
limited) which
enables you to get into the wine party much earlier than the
admission, a pour from Stephen or Andrew
themselves, a unique ‘Nocking
Point’ stemless wine glass (yours to keep!),
and unlimited wine tasting. If
are not a wine drinker, but you still want to go to the party and hang
out, they
provide you with two
tickets at the door to take to the bar and get whatever
drink of your
choosing! Pretty awesome, right!? And
guess what, if you drink
wine and still want to try something else… You
also get two tickets at the

door! So cool!

I have attended two
Point parties, one
following the HVFF San Jose and the other following HVFF New
Jersey. Both parties were incredibly
phenomenal. There were multiple
cast members from Arrow and The Flash there,
and they were walking around and

talking to fans at the party on a very personal level. Some of the actors
even taking ‘selfies’
with some of the wine party attendees! I have to say one
of the best moments
at HVFF San Jose was when Neal
McDonough broke out the
harmonica and starting jamming out with the

For those who attended the NY/NJ HVFF, know that a winter storm
to disrupt all the fun.
Alas, the storm failed. The Nocking Point party
continued on, and it was a
blast. At one point, Stephen Amell
and John Barrowman
were on stage singing songs from Frozen and Phantom of
the Opera. I loved


Nocking Point parties are
awesome and unique, and not
just because their wine is delicious. Stephen,
Andrew, the staff of Nocking
Point and the cast members who
attend these parties
truly take the time to make sure that the event is
special for everyone. It was
amazing how the actors would just walk up to a few people and ask them about

their everyday lives, as if we
were all old-time pals. In this world, moments
like that are so rare and it
was truly something to be

I look forward to the next
HVFF in New York/New Jersey
also the next Nocking Point Party. The combined experience is truly


My advice, be sure to check the next
one out! You will NOT regret

Also.. if
you are a fan of raffles… be sure to check out the
Nocking Point raffle table!
me! 🙂

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