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Why Spike was good for Buffy & Fans

Published on April 5th, 2017 | Updated on April 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

In a recent interview for Entertainment Weekly, Sarah Michelle Gellar restated her stance on hating Season 6 of Buffy.  She didn’t like the sexual relationship Buffy jumped into with Spike, played by James Marsters. “I’ve always said that Season 6 was not my favorite. I felt it betrayed who she was.”

Josh Whedon strongly disagrees. The relationship showed Buffy at a vulnerable point in her life, which is when people are more prone to bad choices and bad relationships. I agree with Josh.

Sarah may not have appreciated the script shift, but as a fan I think it made her character stronger. If she truly believes her character wouldn’t “go there”, then that makes her all the better an actress in my mind. Because I completely believed her relationship with Spike and LOVED it. Actually, I preferred it.

Here’s a breakdown of why I liked Buffy with Spike more:

1. He’s English and was far more colorful, sorry colourful, than Angel ever was.

2. He accepted people for who they were.

3. There was the shock value of bringing Spike home to her father-figure. Sometimes you need to rattle some cages so people really hear you.

4. For all his faults, Spike would have done anything for Buffy.

5. Spike was full of life! As full of life as a cold-blooded, undead guy can be.

Some compare Buffy with Spike to Twilight. Not me. I compare her relationship with Angel to Twilight. Angel was Buffy’s Mr. Moody Broody, who ran hot and cold, twisting Buffy into knots and leaving her when the chips were down. Spike embraced his situation and made the most of what the Universe deal him(most of the time). And he helped Buffy embrace her full nature.

In the end, every girl needs to get both Angel and Spike out of their system before they settle down.


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