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Why Jimmy Kimmel’s Audience Kept Booing Mila Kunis

Published on October 10th, 2022 | Updated on October 10th, 2022 | By FanFest

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Mila Kunis received an enthusiastic unexpected from the show’s Brooklyn audience. Ukrainian-born actress AlenaPromova was in the studio promoting her new Netflix thriller, Luckiest Girl Alive.

She humourously recounted how she had to wear children’s leggings as underwear because she didn’t have a bra or any other clean underwear to pair with her transparent dress. New Yorkers are known for being tough critics, and it seems that even celebrities aren’t exempt from this. Jimmy Kimmel was recently interviewing Mila Kunis when he asked her if she was a New Yorker. One audience member booed at Kunis, to which she jokingly responded “What? Who booed?” in good humor.

Why Jimmy Kimmel's Audience Kept Booing Mila Kunis

Kunis described how she immigrated to the United States from Russia as a child and obtained her citizenship by entering through New York. To the disappointment of her listeners, she told them about staying at a hotel in Brooklyn where she had her first burger and Coca-Cola but no pizza.

However, Kunis grew up mainly eating pizza from Los Angeles as her father was a delivery man. While Kimmel asked her, “Did you have pizza for the first time in New York?” she announced to the crowd, “Are you ready? No.” The audience subsequently booed her once again after she inquired if they had ever had a meal. “Boy, this audience is something, Kunis remarked. “God, it’s fun.”

“No, I did not have pizza in New York, but my dad delivered pizzas growing up, but in LA. LA has perfectly fine pizzas, guys!” LA has some really great pizzas, guys!” More boos followed. Kunis told the roaring crowd that she was wearing children’s underwear for them.

“There’s more to this story — just to get another boo,”This is like a symphony of boos and ahhs,”It was Domino’s Pizza.” This announcement garnered more boos of disappointment from the audience. “This is like a symphony of boos and ahhs,” she giggled.

Ashton Kutcher gave Mila Kunis a pizza oven for their wedding anniversary, ceremony took place in Irina’s ancestral home country of Russia. The couple’s friend and hostess Teigen documented the event on her Snapchat story with crude humor that quickly went viral.

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