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Who Would Kit Harrington Like to see Resurrected in Game of Thrones?

Published on July 12th, 2017 | Updated on July 12th, 2017 | By FanFest

The pop culture world is currently focusing heavily on Game of Thrones with just days left to go until it’s season 7 premiere. With interviews online, in magazines, and on late night television, we’re finding out little tidbits of information about previous seasons as well as the most recent one. Plus, some of the questions give the actors and actresses a chance to give some fun and personal answers too.

One of those cast members interviewed recently was Kit Harrington for the cover of EW‘s Stark Family Reunion special, as well as the rest of the ‘Starks’.

Kit Harrington was asked who he would bring back from the dead if it were possible and his response was a character all the way back in season 1. The character is also one that he didn’t share on screen time with, but his reason behind the decision makes sense.
Viserys Targaryen – Daenerys’ brother who was killed by Khal Drogo in a pretty grotesque way – that whole molten gold burning through him to death had to be a very uncomfortable way to go out.

The reason he’d bring Viserys back? It’s simple. He says he’d ‘kick up some trouble’.

EW asked the other Stark’s who they’d like to see back on the series and their answers are as follows. Maisie Williams would like to see Ygritte return while Sophie Turner would bring Oberyn back. Isaac Hempstead-Wright would bring back someone in the family, specifically Robb Stark, because he says ‘then we could have a slightly better reunion’.

If you could bring back one character from Game of Thrones who would it be? Let us know.


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