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Who Saves ‘The Mandalorian’? SPOILER We Think We Have The Answer

We think we may have the answers as to who saves The Mandalorian when he was just a boy.  This is completely a guess, but let’s use a little bit of Star Wars canon and piece it together, because if it’s true, we may be close to seeing a HUGE cameo on The Mandalorian really soon.

Who Saves 'The Mandalorian'? SPOILER We Think We Have The Answer
CR: Lucasfiulm


In The Mandalorian we’ve seen some flashback footage that reveals our young Mando’s fate but who saved young Mando?  Well, we may have already gotten our answer in a previous episode of the animated, The Clone Wars.  In Season 5, Episode 16, “The Lawless”, we see none other than Obi-Wan Kenobi arriving on Mandalore, home of our young Mando!

Who Saves 'The Mandalorian'? SPOILER We Think We Have The Answer

Does this mean that none other than Ewan McGregor himself may make an appearance on The Mandalorian? And, will this tie into Ewan’s upcoming Disney+ show centered around Kenobi?  We certainly hope so!

Tell us, do you think Kenobi is the one who saves our young Mando?

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