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Where Does Rick Ross Call Home? Unveiling The Promise Land!

Published on October 23rd, 2023 | Updated on October 24th, 2023 | By FanFest

Rick Ross: Rap Icon’s Extravagant Real Estate Ventures and Opulent Lifestyle

Rick Ross

Rapper Rick Ross stands as a certified exemplar of the hustle. His journey from building brands to savvy real estate investments is a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen.

It was in 2006 when Ross dropped his game-changing track, “Hustlin’.” This iconic release swiftly ascended the Billboard charts, serving as the rocket fuel propelling him into stardom.

Now, fifteen years post his debut album, Rick Ross ranks among the wealthiest rap artists globally, boasting an estimated net worth of approximately $45 million.

With a multi-million dollar fortune at his disposal, Ross lives a life of opulence most can only envision. His extravagant collection boasts more than 100 luxury vehicles, a parade of which he proudly displays on various social media platforms, notably Instagram.

Beyond his fleet of prized automobiles, Ross has invested in an array of real estate properties spanning the country. The crown jewel of his real estate portfolio is an opulent megamansion in Atlanta, fittingly christened “The Promise Land.”

At 109 rooms, Rick Ross’ house is one of the largest private homes in the U.S.

Rick Ross

The grand estate located in Fayetteville, Georgia is situated on an expansive 235-acre parcel of land, featuring a remarkable 45,000 square feet of luxurious living space.

This residence claims the title of the largest dwelling in the entire state of Georgia, solidifying its status as one of the most expansive private residences across the United States.



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The property was originally built by boxing champ  Evander Holyfield in 1994.

During a conversation with The Atlanta Journal Constitution, the boxer disclosed that maintaining the mansion incurs an annual cost of approximately $1 million.

In 2014, Rick Ross acquired the former Holyfield residence for a sum of $5,879,000, shortly after it had gone into foreclosure. This acquisition added his name to the ever-growing list of hip-hop celebrities residing in Atlanta and its vicinity.

This sprawling megamansion boasts a grand total of 109 rooms, making it nearly as capacious as the White House itself. Comprising 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, and a vast formal dining room capable of accommodating 100 individuals, Ross has harnessed this expansive space for extravagant birthday celebrations in the lap of luxury.



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In addition to its luxurious accommodations, the property boasts an array of indoor and outdoor facilities designed to delight and engage its guests.

Indoors, guests can enjoy a myriad of amenities, including a spacious 135-seat theater, a bowling alley for friendly competitions, a fully equipped boxing gym to break a sweat, and an inviting indoor pool for relaxation and exercise. Music enthusiasts will be pleased to find a state-of-the-art recording studio at their disposal, perfect for creating and capturing musical moments.

Venturing outdoors, one will discover a separate guest house for added privacy and comfort, and an expansive pool that reportedly holds an astonishing 350,000 gallons of water, providing ample space for aquatic recreation and relaxation. The outdoor area also features a basketball court for those who enjoy the game, a tennis court for aspiring Wimbledon champions, and a softball court for some friendly competition under the sun.

With this diverse range of amenities, this property ensures that its guests are never short of entertainment options during their stay.

It has its own private zoo

The Promise Land mansion offers an array of exceptional amenities, but it’s only part of what makes this property truly unique.

As part of his vision for the estate, Ross chose to create a personal sanctuary by establishing a private zoo on the grounds. Enclosed within spacious fencing, this exclusive zoo is home to a variety of animals, including horses, buffalos, and cows. Notably, recent reports indicate that Ross has expanded his animal collection to include two lions.

The exciting news was shared with the world via Ross’ Instagram account, where he posted a captivating video showcasing these magnificent wild cats. The video introduces us to a pair of lions, one male and one female, both hailing from Senegal. They are now prepared for transportation to the Promise Land, under the care of their experienced handler.

“My pet cats are ready to come home,” Ross captioned the Instagram video.



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It might strike you as an unusual choice, but it’s intriguing to discover that several iconic celebrity residences throughout history incorporated their very own private zoos.

One such example is Michael Jackson‘s beloved estate, Neverland Ranch. This sprawling property boasted a sizeable zoo, complete with a unique resident – an elephant that was a gift from none other than Elizabeth Taylor. Similarly, the renowned Playboy Mansion, owned by Hugh Hefner, also featured its own private zoo.

‘Coming 2 America’ was filmed in Rick Ross’ house

Rick Ross

The Promise Land’s vast expanse and lavish architecture have transformed it into a magnet for movie producers in search of picturesque filming locations.

During a recent Instagram Live session, Ross disclosed his practice of levying fees on producers and film crews visiting his residence to explore the estate.


If this mansion seems familiar to you, it’s likely because it has graced the silver screen before.

It notably featured in the 2018 film “Superfly,” making an impression on the audience. However, its most remarkable appearance to date was in the movie “Coming 2 America,” a highly anticipated sequel to the classic Eddie Murphy comedy, “Coming to America.” Interestingly, this happens to be Rick Ross’ favorite film.

In “Coming 2 America,” Rick Ross’ extravagant mansion underwent a transformation, becoming the Zamunda Palace, the regal residence of the fictional Prince Hakeem and his family. The opulent surroundings added grandeur to the film’s storyline.

Jefferson Sage, the movie’s production designer, and his team scoured numerous potential locations before ultimately settling on Rick Ross’ palatial home in Atlanta. They found that the mansion possessed the ideal aesthetic to serve as a royal palace, a decision that significantly contributed to the film’s visual appeal.



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The majestic entrance foyer, complete with a towering two-story interior and a gracefully winding double staircase, proved to be the perfect starting point, according to Sage. In total, five key spaces within the mansion were meticulously transformed into the enchanting Zamunda for the film, taking inspiration from the grandeur of the original design.

The bedroom and dining room also received significant makeovers to accommodate the King’s scenes in Coming 2 America. Ross’s primary bedroom underwent a transformation, shifting from a warm white color scheme to a more exotic palette featuring soothing blues and radiant silvers.

Similarly, the dining room was revamped with a change in wallpaper, and an enormous dining table was custom-crafted for a pivotal dining scene. This colossal dining set, accommodating up to 50-60 guests, was left behind as a generous gift for Ross to enjoy.

The Promise Land, renowned for its expansive space and impressive architecture, also boasts a rich history. With Ross’s ongoing expansion of his private zoo, the estate promises to become even more extraordinary. As Ross continues to explore the vast land surrounding the mansion, the future holds immense potential, leaving us intrigued by the remarkable possibilities yet to be uncovered.

The rapper’s other homes aren’t too shabby either

Rick Ross

Although no property can rival his opulent residence in the Atlanta area, Rick Ross possesses several other million-dollar assets in his real estate portfolio.

Rick Ross, the acclaimed artist behind “Rich is Gangsta,” has been actively engaged in the real estate market for more than a decade. He has demonstrated a keen sense of strategy by purchasing and subsequently selling properties, yielding substantial profits that have contributed to his already impressive wealth.

While he has engaged in various real estate transactions over the years, it is essential to highlight some of the noteworthy properties he acquired in the year 2023.

His $35 million Star Island mega-mansion in Miami

Rick Ross has expanded his real estate holdings with the acquisition of a lavish waterfront mansion in Miami, which comes with a hefty price tag of $35 million, despite being initially listed at $37.5 million.

His $35 million Star Island mega-mansion in Miami

This luxurious residence is nestled within the prestigious and security-guarded Star Island community in Miami Beach, a neighborhood renowned for its celebrity residents. Over the years, it has attracted the likes of Gloria Estefan, Shaquille O’Neal, Don Johnson, P. Diddy, and Rosie O’Donnell.

Occupying an expansive 40,000-square-foot plot of land, this rapper’s new abode boasts an impressive 12,374 square feet of living space. It encompasses six spacious bedrooms, 8.5 opulent bathrooms, and a grand entrance that immediately captivated Ross with its soaring 30-foot ceilings and a bespoke staircase.

The property further offers a heated pool, an outdoor kitchen for enjoying the warmth of summer, and direct access to both the bay and the ocean. Additionally, there’s a substantial 40-foot dock, ideal for accommodating the artist’s boats and watercraft.

Rick Ross’s newest acquisition on Miami’s Star Island is undoubtedly a testament to his opulent taste and reflects the luxurious lifestyle enjoyed by the elite in this coveted neighborhood.

The two houses he bought from fellow rapper Meek Mill

Rick Ross

When Meek Mill, a fellow rapper and frequent collaborator, voiced his frustration with his realtor’s inability to find a buyer for his Atlanta-area estate and took to his social media platforms to promote the property personally, Rick Ross wasted no time in recognizing a promising opportunity.

Shortly after Mill’s post went live, featuring a video tour of the house and the message, ‘My realtor is not moving this property fast enough, and I think I can do it lol,’ news quickly spread that Rick Ross had acquired the property for a substantial $4.2 million – and he paid for it in cash.

Located in the highly sought-after Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, this three-story residence boasts an impressive 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a tennis court, playground, and a movie theater complete with a sauna. The property also includes a luxurious pool and a relaxing jacuzzi.

But this wasn’t the only property that Ross acquired from Meek Mill.

Immediately following the acquisition of the luxurious $4.2 million Buckhead mansion, the proprietor of Maybach Music Group wasted no time in securing another property from Meek Mill, this time opting for a more modest $1 million residence. However, the specifics of this purchase have been shrouded in confidentiality, with no further information divulged to the public.

Rick Ross’s house in Houston with a huge fish tank

Rick Ross Private Jet

Adding to the growing roster of celebrities making Texas their new home, Ricky Rozay has also made a significant real estate investment in the Lone Star state.

In a recent social media announcement, the rapper revealed his acquisition of a lavish residence in Houston, Texas. The post depicted him dressed in quintessential Texan fashion, complete with cowboy boots, all while sitting proudly in front of his brand-new Texan mansion.



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Although the details of the Houston real estate transaction were somewhat discreet, what we can confirm is that the proprietor of Maybach Music Group, Ricky Rozay, shelled out a substantial $3.5 million for his newfound Texan abode. One notable feature of this property is a personalized entrance gate adorned with the initials “RR,” serving as a unique and fitting touch to his new Texan domicile.

Quick summary

  1. The Journey of Rick Ross Discover Rick Ross’ remarkable journey from the release of his iconic track, “Hustlin'” in 2006, which catapulted him to rap stardom. With a current estimated net worth of approximately $45 million, Rick Ross’s opulent lifestyle includes a collection of over 100 luxury vehicles, prominently displayed on social media platforms.
  2. Ross’s Extravagant Real Estate Ventures Rick Ross’s real estate ventures extend from an opulent megamansion in Atlanta, “The Promise Land,” boasting 109 rooms and a private zoo, to a $35 million Miami mansion. He’s also acquired properties from fellow rapper Meek Mill. His latest investment is a $3.5 million Texan residence in Houston, complete with a personalized entrance gate bearing his initials, “RR.”

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