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‘When Hope Calls’: Unraveling episode 1.09 ‘House in Order’

Published on October 18th, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

Maggie prepares to make new memories in Brookfield while the Stewart family recalls events of the past.

The latest episode of When Hope Calls revisits some painful memories for the the Stewart family. A reporter arrives in town to write a story about the late Matthew Stewart. The story will coincide with an event to commemorate Matthew.

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Photo: Greg Hovanessian, Wendy Crewson, Neil Crone Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

Gabriel slowly but surely uncovers more clues surrounding the shady business dealings of Mike Sinclair. Tess makes a bold decision that allows her to pay off Ronnie’s remaining debt from the hotel.

Lillian does research to try to clear her late father’s name. Maggie settles into a house in Brookfield, but still longs for her native England. Grace confronts Chuck with concerns about his bedside manner.

Let’s take a closer look at the events of episode 9 of When Hope Calls.


Gabriel keeps his nose to the grindstone in hopes of bringing former banker Mike Sinclair to justice. We strongly suspect that Sinclair financed the Royal Brookfield Hotel with stolen money. Constable Kinslow enlists the help of Hope Valley’s mountie Nathan Grant in tracking Sinclair. Some think Gabriel is relaxing on the job with his feet up on the boardwalk. In fact, he is watching and carefully observing as events unfold before him in town.

Sinclair’s collector confronts Tess at the ranch. Sinclair has called a meeting with Tess and Ronnie to discuss the loan. Tess agrees to sell some of her land to Tom Clay. She asks for the proceeds in cash so she can pay the balance of Ronnie’s loan in full.

All season we have been wondering what happened to Lillian’s father. Tess claims that Mr. Walsh was responsible for Matthew’s death when the bridge that he engineered collapsed. Mr. Walsh never recovered from the insinuation. He was unable to get work again in Brookfield. We learn that he ultimately died of a heart attack while working in Hamilton.


Grace and Chuck’s courtship is challenged when Grace sees Chuck get pushy with Ken Newsome. The young pair goes horseback riding and stumble upon one of Ken’s horses breathing heavily. Chuck stops to examine the horse without Ken’s permission. The young veterinarian suspects colic as does Ken who claims he is already treating the horse with mineral water.

Chuck insists that there is a better treatment available for the horse and that he will bring it to Ken. Ken refuses the recommendation. Chuck is frustrated that Ken does not agree with him. Grace is disenchanted with Chuck’s display of stubbornness. Grace confronts Chuck and suggests that he tried to push Ken into following his advice. Chuck is frustrated with Grace for questioning his bedside manner.

Ted Conacher is a reporter with the Clearwater Gazette. He has come to town to write a story regaling the late Matthew Stewart. The reporter has been led to believe that Lillian’s dad, Frederic Walsh was responsible for Matthew’s death. Lillian retrieves the inquest report on the bridge collapse that shows no conclusive evidence was found that the bridge built by Mr. Walsh was faulty. The reporter refuses to hear any other side of the story just as Sam had warned Lillian that he might.

Lillian is intent on clearing her father’s name. She finds out that ranch hand Hank was an eyewitness to the accident, but Hank does not want to disparage Mr. Stewart’s name in any way.


There are some serious developments this week on When Hope Calls. Nevertheless, a few chuckles make their way into the episode.

Lillian teases Gabriel about relaxing on the job as he sits outside his office with his feet up. She makes a joke about littering. Gabriel assures her that while littering is an important concern, he is actively pursuing an investigation.

Chuck shows some signs of jealousy when Grace talks about Benson seeing improvement in her. Chuck asks who this Benson guy is only to find out that it is Grace’s horse. She has been making strides with her riding skills.

Maggie surprises young Fred when she diagnoses him with the “dreaded lurgi”. Fred and Eleanor are not familiar with the British phrase that refers to simply being under the weather and needing rest.

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Photo: Liam Macdonald, Jeffeson Brown, Ava Weiss, Hanneke Talbot Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

Heartwarming moments

Eleanor, Joe, Vincent and Mary Louise surprise Maggie with housewarming gifts for her new place. They bring an English dessert, a tea set from Lillian and a British flag to adorn her wall. Maggie is moved by the gesture especially since she has been feeling a little homesick for England after her parents moved to Australia. Maggie’s friends in Brookfield make her feel more at home.

Lillian makes an honorable choice with the information she learns about Matthew Stewart. Hank finally divulges that Matthew’s foreman Patty Dolan had advised Matthew that the cattle were too heavy to take across the bridge all those years ago in the cattle drive. Matthew did not heed the warning because they were on a tight deadline, but he did choose to let everyone else cross first. Matthew would go last and that is when the bridge finally gave way.

Lillian thanks Hank for coming forward with the truth, but now he fears he will lose his job for sharing. Lillian decides to keep the story under wraps so as not to tarnish Matthew’s memory. She knows it will not bring back her father and she does not want Hank to lose his job. Hank is grateful and tells the reporter, “I think your best story just walked out the door” referring to Lillian.

Lessons learned

Gabriel teaches us all a bit about patience. Folks may have thought he was relaxing on the job, but his patient observation leads to uncovering more clues.

Maggie tells Joe and Eleanor that she has learned that you can “find a home in people”.

Lillian chooses to take the high road and spare any stain on Matthew’s memory.

After failing to get Chuck to see her point, Grace tells Lillian that pride can go either way, sometimes being good, other times bad.

Things are unsettled between Chuck and Grace. Gabriel gets closer to taking down Sinclair. We wait to see if the reporter will seek more information from Lillian.

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