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‘When Hope Calls’: Unraveling episode 1.05 ‘A House United’

Published on September 20th, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

The orphanage fears the loss of their license and a mysterious stranger arrives to Brookfield.

The latest installment of When Hope Calls is chock-full of intrigue and suspense. Episode 1.05 titled ‘A House United” brings some new faces to Brookfield as well as some new mysteries. Sisters Lillian and Grace face their first orphanage inspection, a surprise one no less.

Gentleman callers Chuck and Gabriel lend a hand with repairs at the orphanage but are surprised to see a mysterious handyman already helping out. Helen panics when her mother’s locket goes missing and Ronnie is suspiciously quiet about his broken nose.

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Photo: Riley O’Donnell, Ava Weiss, Elizabeth Saunders, Kate Moyer, Morgan Kohan Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

Let’s take a closer look at the latest episode of When Hope Calls.

New Faces

Grace faces a difficult customer at the hotel who turns out to be Randall Andrews from the Children’s Bureau assigned to inspect the orphanage. Both Joe and Ronnie have less than pleasant run-ins with an associate of former bank employee Mike Sinclair. The man attempts to steal an apple from Joe and leaves Ronnie with a broken nose. Finally, a bedraggled prospector named Sam Tremblay arrives in Brookfield looking for the gold assay office now turned infirmary.


Worn shingles are rendered useless when a storm rolls through Brookfield. Young Fred notices water dripping from the ceiling and a large thud singles a break in the ceiling of the girls’ bedroom. This creates additional stress on Lillian and Grace who are already worried over the surprise inspection.

Grace’s encounter with the cranky inspector at the hotel dining room make matters even worse. Inspector Andrews accuses Grace of stealing money as an orphan and suggests that she is not suitable to run the New Hope Orphanage with Lillian.

Grace also has an awkward encounter with Chuck who asks why she left the ranch party so early. Grace hints that Chuck seemed preoccupied with another woman, but Chuck refers to her as one of his friends.

Helen is very protective of her mother’s locket not wanting Sofia to even touch it to remove cookie dough. When the locket goes missing, Helen thinks the worst and accuses Sofia of stealing it.

When Hope Calls, photo courtesy of
Photo: Jocelyn Hudon Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood


Prospector Sam Tremblay agrees to make a food delivery to the orphanage in exchange for some rations for himself from Joe. The mysterious bearded man arrives just in time to offer his repair services at the orphanage in exchange for room and board as compensation.

Gabriel seems suspicious of Sam Tremblay and cautions Lillian about allowing him to work for the orphanage. We sense a hint of jealous along with his concerns.

The nameless man who tries to steal an apple from Joe bumps into Tess as he leaves the hotel. Tess enters the hotel to find Ronnie in pain behind the counter. His nose is broken, but he is not forthcoming about the details and refuses help from law enforcement.

Tess enlists Maggie’s help in treating Ronnie’s nose. She comes away with two different stories about how Ronnie broke his nose. Tess says he fell while Ronnie claims he bumped into a door.

We later learn that it was the man who bumped into Tess at the hotel that broke Ronnie’s nose. It sounds like this guy is working as a minion for Mike Sinclair. Sinclair is sounding more like a loan shark than an upstanding former bank employee. We learn that Ronnie seems to have a history of falling into financial straits and getting bailed out by brother Matthew, Tess’s deceased husband. Tess gives Ronnie the money she was going to use to purchase the truck for the ranch.


We get some comic relief when the normally capable Tess struggles with her attempts to drive the truck she considers purchasing.

It’s also hard not to giggle when the Gabe and Chuck arrive to help with the roof repairs and find another man already there helping Grace and Lillian. Ultimately, all three gentleman work to complete the repairs, but the look of surprise on the faces of Chuck and Gabriel is rather amusing.

Speaking of surprised looks, both Lillian and Grace become tongue tied when they see the handsome face of Sam Tremblay after he shaves his enormous beard that had been hiding his features.

Warm Fuzzies

Grace tells Inspector Andrews she will leave the orphanage if that is what it takes for him to give the orphanage a passing grade. This gesture of sacrifice is met with Lillian’s refusal to let Grace go. She will not allow them to be separated, even if that means not passing the inspection.

Grace and Lillian intervene when Helen and Sofia argue over the missing locket. Helen accuses Sofia of stealing it, but the the sisters tell them to stop and help each other look for the locket instead. The children work together and find that the locket had become caught in Helen’s clothes and was not stolen after all. Helen and Sofia make amends.

Andrews is moved by the determination of Lillian and Grace and their practice of putting the orphans’ needs above all else. He announces that the orphanage passes the inspection. Lillian, Grace, Eleanor and all the kids embrace one another in celebration of their family staying together.

Lessons Learned

Lillian reminds the children that it is easy to think badly of someone when you are scared. She explains that Helen probably does not really think Sofia would steal the locket, but that her fear makes her panic.

Both Lillian and Grace learn not to judge a book, er handyman, by its cover, I mean beard. Although, the jury is still out for Gabriel in regard to Sam.

While Grace may not have learned it quite yet, I hope she finds that Chuck is telling the truth when he describes Lucie from the party as his friend and nothing more.

Ronnie is reminded that family is not just bound by blood when Tess gives him her truck money to stay out of trouble with Sinclair.

The orphanage is saved, but several mysteries and questions remain on When Hope Calls. Is Ronnie really in over his head? Can Sam Tremblay be trusted? Will Chuck and Grace get past misunderstandings at the party?

Tune in for another new episode of When Hope Calls next week on Hallmark Movies Now.

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