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‘When Hope Calls’: Unraveling episode 1.03 ‘Out of the Past’

Published on September 6th, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

Fans get a deeper look into the past on the latest episode of When Hope Calls.

Lillian’s memories of the past give more insight on the current status of things in Brookfield in episode 3 of When Hope Calls. Grace takes a job at the hotel to contribute to funds for needs at the orphanage. Store owner Joe and new nurse Maggie set up shop in their new locations in town. Mountie Gabriel uses his bravery and wits to uncover the origins of the fire.

Per usual we can expect heartwarming moments, a few chuckles and ongoing mystery as we continue to get to know the residents of Brookfield.

Let’s take a look at When Hope Calls episode 1.03 titled ‘Out of the Past’.


Lillian looks through items in the attic in search of shoes that might fit Vincent. She revisits a box of photos taken by her father. One in particular shows young Lillian alongside the Stewart family.

Recalling happier times between the families, Lillian wants to share the photo with Tess. Eleanor recalls her own memories with a younger Lillian as we learn that Eleanor was the Walsh family housekeeper.


Grace has memories of her own when she sees Lillian searching for a replacement pair of shoes for Vincent. Growing up as an orphan herself, Grace recalls that orphans typically choose not to make a practice of complaining when clothes do not fit well. Lillian assures her that will not be the case at the New Hope Orphanage.

Even still, Grace feels compelled to help provide a brand new pair of shoes for Vincent. She shows Ronnie how much he needs a waitress to help at the hotel. She gets the job and earns money to purchase new shoes for Vincent and help with other orphanage expenses.

The differences between Lillian growing up with an adoptive family and Grace remaining an orphan continue to shape the story between the sisters. They love each other dearly. While they recognize their difference experiences, they try to use them to learn from one another.

Lillian wants Chuck to share the photo with his mother. Chuck recommends she give the photo to Tess herself. When Lillian gives the photo to Tess, we are reminded of the pain Tess still harbors. Tess says the photo makes her think about losing her husband Matthew when the bridge collapsed. She blames the collapse on Lillian’s father.

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When Hope Calls, Photo: Greg Hovanessian Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood


There are frequent lighthearted moments in When Hope Calls. Interestingly, a lot of the chuckles come from “Chuck” himself (see what I did there, wink)!

It’s hard not to chuckle at the exchange between Chuck and Grace as they both head into town. Chuck comes upon Grace in her wagon and has trouble deciding whether to pass her or not. He remains behind her and she jokingly accuses him of following her. Chuck explains that it would be impolite to pass her and “presumptuous” to ride beside her the whole way. It’s a cute exchange and she gives him permission to pass.

At the hotel restaurant Grace finds several customers complaining about their food. Chuck is eating at the restaurant as well and Grace tells him the chef is not having the best day. She inquires about the quality of Chuck’s meal. He politely says it’s just fine. When she turns, we see him deposit a mouthful into his napkin.

Young orphan Fred also makes us giggle when he reports to Mountie Gabriel that his nose makes a whistling sound when he breathes. Gabriel asks if Fred can whistle a song through his nose. Fred gives him a strange look. Gabriel walks away looking as if he is embarrassed about the conversation that took place in front of Lillian. We continue to suspect a brewing interest between Lillian and Gabriel.


Gabriel does not have too much time to worry about sounding silly in front of Lillian, though. He is hot on the trail of uncovering the source of the fire.

Gabriel questions Tess about the Palomino horse she owns. She informs him that foreman Daniel Olsen rides the Palomino. Daniel has a scheduled appointment with Nurse Maggie to look at the knee injury he sustained in the fire. Maggie reports that Daniel did not show up for his appointment.

Gabriel searches Daniel’s residence and finds he is not there. It appears that Daniel has run off with his belongings. Gabriel tracks Daniel to a location suggested by Chuck. There is a tussle, but heroic Gabriel outwits Daniel and brings him back to the jail in Brookfield.

Mountie Gabriel calls Ken Newsome and Tess Stewart to the jail to explain Daniel’s involvement in the fire. Gabriel unravels the mystery using a demonstration with branding irons. Daniel’s personal brand overlays perfectly on both the Newsome and Stewart brands. This design allows Daniel’s re-branding of both the Newsome and Stewart cattle to go unnoticed. Daniel was stealing from both ranches and selling the cattle for his own profit.

How does this explain the fire? Daniel feared that Newsome would discover the overlapping brands. The foreman broke into the Cattleman’s Association to remove record of his registered brand. While there Daniel accidentally knocked over a lamp and the devastating blaze took hold.

When Hope Calls, photo courtesy of
When Hope Calls, Photo: Wendy Crewson Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

Hearts warmed, lessons learned

When Hope Calls is chock-full of feel good moments.

I feel certain that viewers fell in love with little Fred this week with his cuteness when he tries to get out of returning to school after his illness. Who could resist his comment about his fever “hiding” when Lillian said she could no longer “detect” the fever?

It was also very special to see Grace be able to gift Vincent with a brand new pair of shoes. Her hard work as the hotel’s waitress had such a heartwarming impact.

Speaking of Grace’s hard work, she admonishes Chuck for talking to Ronnie about her workload behind her back. Chuck was trying to look out for her and suggested that Ronnie hire even more help. After further reflection, Grace learns that it is okay to have friends in her corner and that she does not have to face everything on her own.

Having grown up in an orphanage she seems more accustomed to fighting her battles alone. Both the reunion with her sister and her growing friendship with Chuck seem to help her realize that she is not alone.

Grace teaches Lillian a lesson about not feeling bad for people because of what they have endured in the past. She reminds that the past cannot be changed and to focus on good things in the present.

Tess opens up to her son Chuck in a heartfelt moment looking at the old photo. She reminds him how much he looks like his father and how much she misses her husband. We see a more vulnerable side of Tess and suspect that some of her tough exterior may just be her guarding her heart.

Here’s to another great episode of When Hope Calls. We can look forward to another episode being released next week on Hallmark Movies Now. You can engage with other fans on social media to celebrate the series using hashtags #WhenHopeCalls and #Hearties.

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