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‘When Hope Calls’: Unraveling episode 1.06 ‘The Search’

Published on September 29th, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

The New Hope Orphanage goes on lockdown while a criminal is on the loose in Brookfield.

Things start off calm but ramp up quickly this week on When Hope Calls episode 1.06 ‘The Search”.

Grace arranges for Lillian to have a morning off and takes the children to gather flowers for a school project. Lillian’s leisure time gets derailed when they learn that a train robber is suspected of being in the area.

Mountie Gabriel is back in his red surge and on the case with a visiting (but familiar) fellow mountie.

Tess is working overtime, and then some, trying to cover the ranch responsibilities without a foreman. Maggie makes an interesting discovery at the infirmary and shares the news with Joe and Pearl.

When Hope Calls, photo courtesy of
Photo: Kevin McGarry Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood


Mysteries abound again this week on When Hope Calls. Lillian takes a trip to town on her morning off. She is surprised to find Hope Valley’s trusted mountie Nathan Grant in town posting alerts about a train robber on the loose. The sketch of the robber seems familiar to Lillian as she recalls handyman Sam’s bearded look upon arrival to the orphanage.

Lillian’s observation is taken seriously by Nathan and Gabriel who begin associating Sam’s circumstances with that of the robber. Sam has a bandaged left hand and the robber has a finger missing. Sam has an empty box of dynamite and the robber used dynamite to blow up the train. The list goes on and Sam quickly becomes their prime suspect. Sam has left the orphanage supposedly on another prospecting trip.

Maggie is concerned for Tess’s health when she arrives to the infirmary with an injured wrist. Tess hurt her wrist when she lost the proper grip while chopping wood. Maggie notices that Tess looks fatigued and encourages her to get more rest. Is there something more that Maggie is concerned about with Tess?

Later that day, Maggie discoveries a shiny bit of dust while sweeping up at the infirmary. She wonders if it might be gold, especially since the infirmary is located in the old Gold Assay. Maggie cryptically seeks out a crowbar from Joe. She is unable to keep her secret and employs Joe’s help in sifting through the dirt under the floorboards. Pearl stumbles upon them and joins their hunt for gold.

The mystery of the missing money from the bank robbery remains unsolved. Gabriel tells Nathan about it when Nathan inquires about the injury Gabe sustained when taking down the robber.

When Hope Calls, photo courtesy of
Photo: Jocelyn Hudon, Morgan Kohan Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood


Grace is surprised to see Chuck arrive during her field trip with the children. He has come to warn her about the train robber and bring the children home safely. Chuck stays on site at the orphanage in concern for their safety.

When the two mounties find Sam at his campsite, they are surprised to see that he has all ten of his fingers upon removing the bandage from his hand. This confirms that he is not the robber after all.

Gabriel thinks fast and suspects that the real robber is the one who has been stealing from Ken Newsom’s smokehouse. Nathan and Gabriel surprise the robber and take him down together.

Speaking of surprises, Sam is surprised and hurt when he learns that Lillian suspected that he may have been the robber. He gathers his things and leaves.

Maggie, Joe and Pearl are surprised to find out that the shiny nugget they uncovered is just fool’s gold after all.

Tess is surprised to learn that family friend Lucie (who reminisced with Chuck at the ranch party) is applying for the foreman position.


Despite the tense atmosphere associated with a robber on the loose, a few chuckles help ease the tension this week on When Hope Calls.

The joke’s on Gabriel when Joe and Ken tell him they suspect someone of stealing from Ken’s smokehouse. Ken begins describing the suspect when Gabe realizes they are talking about a raccoon. This silly moment comes in handy, however, when Gabriel puts two and two together and thinks the train robber may have been the one stealing.

The children at the orphanage enjoy Chuck’s visit and get tickled when he shares a story of Lillian getting into trouble as a child.

When Hope Calls, photo courtesy of
Photo: Simon Webster, Marshall Williams Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

Lessons learned

Tess eventually decides to offer the job to Lucie after a heart to heart talk with Ronnie. She keeps holding on to hope that Chuck will take the job. Ronnie reminds Tess that Chuck worked very hard to achieve his dream of becoming a veterinarian. It doesn’t mean he is abandoning his family. Tess decides to offer Lucie the job.

Maggie, Joe and Pearl realize that even though they failed to find real gold, they still had a really good time tackling an adventure together. Maggie confirms that adventure is not confined to exotic, far off countries.

Lillian learns that there is a fine line between keeping the children safe and falsely accusing Sam of the train robbery. Both she and Sam are sad about him leaving, but he does not feel welcome after Lillian so quickly thought he could be a criminal. Lillian also learns that Sam made quite an impression with the kids when Fred comes looking for Sam to share his whistling success.

Grace learns that Chuck may indeed have feelings for her after all. When the children discuss the flowers for their project, he describes Grace as a daffodil for traits of brightness, hopefulness and creativity. Before leaving, he places a waxed daffodil on the table for her with a note that says “For Grace”.

Is there any chance Sam will return and feel welcome again? I sure hope so! Will Mountie Gabriel finally figure out where the missing banker and missing money are? Could they possibly be together?

What will Grace think about Lucie becoming the Stewart Ranch fore(wo)man? Grace was moved by the waxed daffodil Chuck prepared for her. It seems like they could become closer.

So many questions keep us coming back for more on When Hope Calls. It is so much fun getting to know the residents of Brookfield better each week.

Come back for another all new episode of When Hope Calls on Hallmark Movies Now next Friday.

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