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‘When Hope Calls’: Unraveling episode 1.04 ‘Lost and Found’

Published on September 13th, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

The residents of Brookfield inspire hope even when things get tough.

Our new favorite characters pair up in many different ways in When Hope Calls episode four titled ‘Lost and Found’. Chuck and Grace go on their first social outing. Lillian and Gabriel share a ride to Mountie Headquarters in Clearwater to seek information. Nurse Maggie reaches out to Joe to help him with his shoulder. Tess asks to hire Grace as a server at the rancher gathering at her house.

Most residents have good intentions in reaching out to one another. Tess, however, seems to have a more selfish motive. It appears that Tess is trying to derail a budding romance between her son and Grace.

Let’s take a closer look at When Hope Calls episode 1.04.

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Just as one mystery is solved another comes along to keep us engaged with the residents of Brookfield. The bank robber who shot Mountie Gabriel is now behind bars. The prisoner’s story seems to have some holes, however. The robber claims he stole $5,000 but the banker Mike Sinclair claims that $12,000 went missing. Even more curious, Sinclair recently quit working at the bank.

Lillian is working to find young Helen’s grandfather. She joins Gabriel on a trip to Clearwater to look at missing person files while Gabriel goes to interrogate the bank robber now behind bars.

Tess specifically requests that Grace work as a server at the rancher coffee she is hosting. She seems intent on driving a wedge between Grace and Chuck. Buy why? Is it just because she blames Lillian’s family for her husband’s death or something more? She wants Grace to see Chuck reconnecting with an old friend named Lucie at the party. Tess also takes the peach pie that Grace made especially for Chuck.

Joe resists Nurse Maggie’s efforts to treat his shoulder. He claims his shoulder is fine when it is very obvious that he is experiencing pain.


Chuck continues to be torn between helping his mother at the ranch and working as the town veterinarian. Tess wants Chuck to be the new foreman at the ranch and he feels pressure from his mom.

We learn that Joe is struggling with guilt over the accident that caused his shoulder injury. Sadly, his wife did not survive the wagon accident. Joe seems to be punishing himself by not treating the shoulder injury that is plaguing him.

Constable Anderson at Mountie Headquarters in Clearwater is breathing down Lillian’s neck as she searches the missing person files for information about Helen’s grandfather. Anderson makes discouraging remarks about how unlikely it is that Lillian will find what she’s looking for. The constable also rushes her search. Lillian remains diligent and optimistic and hides some files under her cloak when time is up.


Of course, When Hope Calls would not be complete without a few chuckles each week.

Lillian and Eleanor are quite amused when Grace tries to pretend she knows how to ride horses. They giggle aloud as Grace struggles to remain upright on the horse.

Grace manages to ride some distance on her outing with Chuck. Eventually, she reveals that she is not an experienced rider and they dismount for a surprise picnic. The real surprise is that bears have foraged through their picnic supplies leaving them no food. When Grace reveals the backup sandwiches she packed, she teases Chuck acting like she is not going to share them.

Grace decides to bake a peach pie for Chuck when his favorite peach pie was stolen by the bears. It’s amusing to see Grace trying to keep it a surprise when Chuck offers to help carry her groceries.

Speaking of pie, young Fred claims he cannot concentrate on his math homework while Grace is baking the pie for Chuck. Thankfully, Grace makes a second pie for the orphanage to enjoy!


Lillian remains positive in her search for Helen’s grandfather. When her attempts to find him are fruitless, she decides to attack the problem from a different angle and “reverse the search” per Gabriel’s advice. She searches records to see if Helen’s grandfather has been looking for her instead. The search proves fruitful and Lillian gets new information for Helen.

Maggie helps Joe realize that his wife would want him to be happy. His emotional pain and guilt have been preventing him from seeking treatment for his shoulder. Once he faces the truth, he decides to do the stretching exercises that Nurse Maggie has prescribed.

As steadfast and capable as Lillian is, she learns that it is okay to accept help from others when she agrees to team up with Gabriel for the ride to Clearwater.

Hope and Heartbreak

Helen has renewed hope in finding her grandpa.

Joe has a new outlook on caring for his shoulder and is able to forgive himself.

Grace, on the other hand, is feeling heartbroken after seeing Chuck reminisce with old friend Lucie at the ranch party. She seems to suspect that Chuck is interested romantically in someone else. It does not help matters when Tess interrupts Grace’s conversation with Chuck and insists that Grace serve the pie she made special for Chuck.

Hope remains, however. Even though Grace returns home to the orphanage with tears in her eyes, Lillian is there to comfort her and assure her that things will be alright.

I find myself becoming more and more invested in the characters on When Hope Calls. Each week we learn a little more about everyone in addition to meeting new faces.

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