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‘When Hope Calls’: Unraveling episode 1.02 ‘From The Ashes’

Published on August 30th, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

The residents of Brookfield try to pick up the pieces after the devastating fire on When Hope Calls.

When Hope Calls episode 2 titled ‘From The Ashes’ finds the town rallying together after multiple buildings burned to the ground in episode 1. Joe has to make a decision about rebuilding the store or leaving town. Chuck uses his veterinarian skills to attempt to cover for Dr. Wilson. Mountie Gabriel has some inquiries at the orphanage about the fire. Grace struggles with the feelings she has for Chuck.

Let’s take a closer look at When Hope Calls episode 2.

New Faces

Some faces are not actually new, but we get to know them better in this installment of the show. Take Ben Mendelson. We confirm that he is the owner of the feed store and was an eyewitness the night of the fire.

We also get to know young Mary Louise who lives at the orphanage. Mary Louise has taken charge of caring for the orphanage’s new cow that she has named Virginia. Local veterinarian Chuck Stewart makes visits to teach Mary Louise about caring for Virginia.

Lee and Rosemary Coulter make a visit to Brookfield to bring lumber from Hope Valley for the rebuilding effort. This couple is not new to fans of When Calls the Heart, but this is their first visit to Brookfield.

Nurse Maggie Parson arrives in town to work with Dr. Wilson. She learns from Chuck upon her arrival that Dr. Wilson has left town to recover from injuries sustained in the fire. Maggie jumps right in to examine patients gathered in the hotel. Maggie is British and displays confidence in her work.


The rift between Ken Newsome and the Stewart family continues. Ken insists to Chuck that the Stewarts are stealing his cattle.

Grace struggles with her growing feelings for Chuck due to the history between his family and Lillian’s adoptive family. She does not want to betray her sister.

After the General Store burned to the ground, Joe struggles with whether to rebuild the store in town or move away to live with his cousins. Eleanor, the housekeeper at the orphanage, seems to have a maternal connection to Joe and does not want him to leave town.

Things feel tense between Gabriel and Lillian when the young Mountie interrogates two of her orphans about the cause of the fire.


Mysteries continue to abound in Brookfield. We still do not know the complete history between Lillian’s family and the Stewarts, but there certainly seems to be some bad blood. In one conversation, Tess refers to Lillian’s father as being “reckless”. We are not sure what that means.

Mountie Gabriel Kinslow is working hard to find out how the fire started. Eyewitness Ben Mendelson placed orphans Christian and Vincent at the site of the fire. The boys, however, claim they were across the street on the boardwalk playing catch the whole time. The stories do not match up and Gabriel finds a burned baseball at the site of the fire.

Vincent and Christian finally reveal that they were across the street at the infirmary looking at Dr. Wilson’s skeleton when the fire started. While they were not involved in starting the fire, they did see a palomino horse outside the Cattleman’s Association next door to the General Store. Gabriel asks Ben to identify who in town has a palomino. We learn that Tess Stewart has a palomino, which makes us wonder if she is a suspect.

Heartwarming moments

Rosemary and Lee’s visit to Brookfield boasts many feel good moments. Lee helps the boys learn to care for things around the orphanage. Rosemary engages the kids in some play acting. Lee encourages Joe after losing his store. Rosemary tells Lillian that her work at the orphanage is inspiring. Rosemary also nudges Grace to pursue the possibilities of a romantic relationship with Chuck.

Lillian and Grace have a very sweet heart to heart talk about why Grace declined Chuck’s lunch invitation. Lillian assures Grace that she does not need to worry about the difficult history between their two families. She encourages Grace to follow her heart.

The residents of Brookfield come together to stock the old Trading Company building as a new store for Joe. With their help Joe is able to stay in Brookfield with friends who have become like family.

Grace stands up to Ben and Tess who are suggesting that two of the orphans started the fire. She claims the boys as her own children despite Ben and Tess scoffing at the idea.

Lillian and Grace panic when Christian and Vincent go missing. The sisters think they have run away because of some involvement in the fire. It turns out that the boys have been gathering flowers in the woods for Lillian. They do trust her and come clean about sneaking into the infirmary the night of the fire and seeing a palomino horse at the adjacent Cattleman’s Association building.


Eleanor reminds everyone that family “comes in all shapes and sizes”. This is evident when the townspeople rally around Joe as his “family” to help him rebuild. Lillian, Grace and the kids at the orphanage are also very much a family despite the lack of blood ties.

Who knew that birch resin had healing properties? Maggie used this unconventional medicine to relieve inflammation in Stewart Ranch foreman Daniel Olsen’s knee.

Christian and Vincent learn that honesty is indeed the best policy when they trust Lillian with the information they have about the night of the fire.

In a comical exchange between Chuck and Maggie, we learn that they both think his Uncle Ronnie the hotel owner is kind of “prickly” at times!

There is still much to be learned in Brookfield. Mysteries are unfolding and new relationships are developing.

Get ready for another all new episode of When Hope Calls to drop next Friday 9/6 on the Hallmark Movies Now streaming service.

You can revisit the events of episode 1 here.


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