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‘When Hope Calls’: Unraveling episode 1.10 ‘Where Hope Goes’

Published on October 25th, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

The season finale of When Hope Calls is jam-packed with action, intrigue and heartfelt emotion.

The time for Helen’s reunion with her grandfather has arrived this week on When Hope Calls. She must first make the long trip to get there, however. Chuck joins new forewoman Lucie on the cattle drive amidst tensions between him and Grace. Gabriel zones in on the crimes of former Brookfield banker Mike Sinclair.

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Gabriel enlists Sam’s help in keeping Lillian safe from Sinclair. Ronnie and Tess become further entangled in Mike Sinclair’s vendetta with Gabriel. Grace and Chuck find themselves heading on journeys apart from one another.

Let’s revisit the events of When Hope Calls episode 10,


Neighboring Hope Valley mountie Nathan Grant has tracked shady banker Mike Sinclair all the way to Brookfield itself. Gabriel encounters Sinclair in the hotel restaurant while sharing coffee with Lillian. The Brookfield mountie tells Lillian he has to shut their coffee meeting short.

Gabriel tells Sinclair that former bank teller Russell Meeks is nearby and ready to share details about Sinclair. Sinclair assumes Lillian is Gabriel’s girlfriend and makes a veiled threat against Gabriel’s “loved ones”. Gabriel notices that Sinclair is carrying a gun.

Meanwhile, Chuck arrives to the hotel to pick up some food. Conversation is strained between Chuck and Grace who inquires if Chuck will be dining in. He says no unless she wants him to stay. Grace replies that she will check on his takeout order.

Mountie Nathan questions Gabriel’s plan to capture Mike Sinclair. The mountie pair is putting a plan in place to  catch Sinclair making an assault on Gabriel.

Gabriel asks Sam to keep a watchful eye on Lillian to ensure her safety. The prospector/handyman agrees. It is clear that Sam is more invested in Lillian’s well-being beyond just a favor to Gabriel. Lillian seems confused about Sam sticking so closely to her. Grace notices Sam lingering at Lillian’s side and suggests he may have feelings for her sister.

Ronnie tells Tess he is stressed out now that Sinclair is staying at the hotel and Gabriel is making a reservation for Russell Meeks. The hotel owner also expresses growing concerns for Gabriel’s safety. Tess assures him that Gabriel can fend for himself.

Helen fears making the trans-Atlantic boat trip to London. As much as she wants to be with her grandfather, she cannot help but recall the boat tragedy that took her parents from her.

Grace tries to say goodbye to Chuck, but Tess tells her Chuck has left om the cattle drive with Lucie. Tess says Chuck needed a “break from Brookfield”. Tess also allows Chuck to leave on the cattle drive without telling him that Grace is making the trip to London.

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Maggie tells Grace and Lillian that they need to find a way to make Helen feel safe on the journey to London. Grace shares a bedtime tale about the strength she mustered as an orphan when she imagined holding her sister’s hand. When asked what will make Helen feel safer on the boat trip, she says it would be holding Grace’s hand. Grace agrees to serve as Helen’s traveling companion instead of the one assigned originally by Talbot.

Lillian and Grace become emotional at the idea of being apart again while Grace escorts Helen to London. They agree to be strong in front of the kids and simply hug goodbye. Lillian reminds Grace that while it will be sad to be apart again, it is only temporary and they know how to get back to one another.

Helen prepares for her journey. She and Sofia share goodbyes and agree to write to each other. Helen sweetly offers her new dress to Sofia as a gift to her friend.

It is sweet to see Vincent investigating the origins of the broken window in the cottage. Of course, Sam broke it on purpose to have a reason to stay at the orphanage and perform the repair. Details surrounding the broken window do not make sense to Vincent. As he questions Sam about it, we suspect that Vincent is not just inquisitive but also concerned for his home and caregivers.

Grace is going to miss the school concert, so the children sing for her as she prepares to leave on the stagecoach.

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Tess meets with Sinclair and his minion Frank upstairs at the hotel. Sinclair learns that Russell Meeks has not been in Clearwater. Suspecting a trap, the banker decides to “eliminate” Gabriel now. Sinclair plans to use Tess as his alibi while he sneaks out a back entrance of his hotel to attack Gabriel. Ronnie gets nervous about Tess meeting so long with Sinclair and knocks on the room door. Frank slams the door into Ronnie’s nose.

Gabriel and Nathan are making evening rounds when Gabriel spies Sinclair’s reflection in a window. Gabriel pushes Nathan out of the way as Sinclair fires a shot. Tess, Frank and injured Ronnie run downstairs. Nathan takes down minion Frank. Gabriel and Sinclair wrestle on the ground both reaching for Sinclair’s gun. Tess grabs the gun and Sinclair tells her to fire the gun. In a welcome twist, Tess holds Sinclair at gunpoint. We learn that Tess has secretly been working with Gabriel to catch Sinclair in the act of attacking Gabriel.

Lucie and Chuck talk by the fire the first night of the cattle drive. Lucie mentions Grace’s trip to London. She does not realize that Chuck is unaware of Grace’s travel plans. Lucie wishes Chuck safe travel as he rides through the night to catch Grace before she leaves.

Chuck surprises Grace at the stagecoach and reveals his true affections for her. Chuck tells her, “You really matter to me, Grace, and I hope I matter to you, too.” Grace answers with a telling kiss. The children smile. Grace and Lillian share their hug. Grace and Helen leave on the stagecoach.

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The fallout

Lillian overhears Gabriel telling Sam thank you for keeping Lillian safe. He says that the danger has passed. Lillian is not happy about the danger being kept from her. She thanks Sam and tells him he should go ahead and leave for his prospecting trip.

Sam would like to stay longer and suggests to Lillian that the bodyguard mission was not his only reason for wanting to be near her. Lillian insists that he go. Is Lillian just frustrated that she was not told the truth all along? Or did she think Sam had feelings for her and now does not trust his motives?

Just as we celebrate Tess acting heroically, she makes us wonder about her motives again. A gentleman arrives to the ranch on horseback and delivers a report on Grace, a report that he thinks Tess will find interesting. Is Tess trying to find information about Grace that will drive Chuck away? We suspect that she is interfering on some level.

In regard to Lucie, does she perhaps have secret feelings for Chuck? She is kind to encourage him to go see Grace, but she also seems to have a look of mixed feelings as he rides away.

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Photo: Wendy Crewson Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

Thank goodness we received resolution on some important story lines in When Hope Calls. As the season closes, Chuck and Grace declare their feelings for one another. Gabriel captures Sinclair, the thief behind the mystery of the missing bank money.

Ronnie no longer has to worry about Sinclair and company making surprise visits to break his nose. Helen is on her way to live with her grandfather.

We still have a few loose ends, however. What is Tess up to with that report on Grace? Will Lillian ever welcome Sam back into her life again?

Here’s to hoping we will get an announcement about the future of When Hope Calls. I am definitely longing for a second season, and more! You can continue to revisit the entire inaugural season of When Hope Calls on the Hallmark Movies Now.

You can revisit the highlights of last week’s episode here.

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