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‘When Hope Calls’: Get to know the cast

Published on July 25th, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

What do we know about the cast of When Hope Calls?

The cast of the Hallmark Movies Now original series When Hope Calls treated fans to some fun Q&A via Facebook Live.

Morgan Kohan and Jocelyn Hudon were first up on the couch streaming live from the When Hope Calls Facebook page. Morgan and Jocelyn play sisters Lillian and Grace who operate an orphanage in the fictional town of Brookfield.  Next up were leading men Ryan-James Hatanaka and Greg Hovanessian who play Lillian and Grace’s  respective love interests on the show, Gabriel and Chuck.

All four cast members had great insights to share about the show and their characters. We learned some fun tidbits about the actors themselves as well. The actors also participated in a fun game speculating who of the four would best fit a particular scenario.

Who’s who

Morgan and Jocelyn each chose one word to best describe their characters. Morgan chose “protective” for Lillian. Jocelyn described Grace as “optimistic”. I recall seeing those traits when we first met the sisters in When Calls The Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing last year.

Ryan-James (RJ) plays Mountie Gabriel. RJ shared that he takes a lot of pride in representing the Mounties in his role. He also suggested that Gabriel will be busy investigating mysteries in the town. Of course, Mountie Gabriel will also be busy pursuing the affections of Lillian as well. RJ reported that he did not know co-star Morgan Kohan prior to their chemistry read.

Greg Hovanessian plays the role of Grace’s love interest Chuck. Chuck is the town veterinarian as well as a ranch hand. Greg revealed that Chuck finds himself struggling a bit while juggling both jobs and trying to decide what he really wants to do. Greg reminded fans that “no one is safe” on the series meaning things are not always smooth sailing for any of the characters. What would a drama be without a little drama?

Game time

The four actors tried to determine who would best fit the following descriptions:

  • Spends the most time at craft services – The ladies thought it would be Morgan who revealed she has a fondness for rice crackers and peanut butter. The gentleman were not as decisive with Greg suggesting Jocelyn and RJ thinking it would be Morgan or himself.
  • Most likely to enjoy staying in costume – The ladies picked Morgan who doesn’t mind the corsets as much as Jocelyn. RJ also picked Morgan, while Greg chose himself saying he especially likes his character’s boots.
  • Most likely to take photos on set – All four cast members agreed that would by RJ. It sounds like we need to check out his Instagram page!
photo courtesy of Taylor Albers at Crown Media Family Networks
Chuck (Greg Hovanessian) in When Hope Calls
Photo Credit: Crown Media Family Networks

Horsing around

Neither Greg or RJ had any real experience with horseback riding prior to the show. Greg talked about getting to know their horses on set. We learned that Jocelyn actually has a horse allergy. It would be interesting to learn more about how they manage that on set.

This group of actors seems to have developed a great rapport already. We see them “horsing around” when the girls crash the guys’ live stream as they are finishing up. I suspect a lot of laughter is heard on set.

Speaking of the set, all the actors marveled at the transformation of Brookfield from a field to a full-fledged town set. While RJ reported that some buildings are facades, Jocelyn talked about the authenticity of the store and actual jams lining the shelves.

photo courtesy of Taylor Albers at Crown Media Family Networks
Lillian (Morgan Kohan) and Gabriel (Ryan-James Hatanaka) in When Hope Calls
Photo Credit: Crown Media Family Networks

What a great opportunity to learn more about the cast of When Hope Calls and the characters they portray! Get the full scoop by replaying the live streams on Facebook.

When Hope Calls premieres on Hallmark Movies Now on August 30th. Two full episodes will air the first night. Then one new episode will be released each Friday through October 25th.




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