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‘When Calls the Heart’ returns to Hallmark Channel for season 6

Published on February 23rd, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

When Calls the Heart returns to Hallmark Channel on February 24th.

(Spoiler warning: This article discusses events through season 5.)

Many fans of When Calls the Heart are still reeling from the loss sustained in season 5. Then the When Calls the Heart: ‘The Greatest Christmas Blessing’ television special gave us the arrival of Elizabeth’s baby, a son she named Jack after her true love.

With season 6 in our sights, we can look forward to seeing how Elizabeth manages a new baby along with being a teacher. The first episode of the season titled ‘Phone Rings and Heartstrings’ will give us a glimpse into the juggling mothers have to do.

What do you like most about When Calls the Heart? Here are a few of my favorite aspects.


When Calls the Heart has long running friendships that inspire me, even ones that did not seem likely at first. Who would have thought that Rosemary would help deliver Elizabeth’s baby?

Of course, the best of friends do not always agree on things either. You may recall when Elizabeth was not pleased that Mayor Abigail would not release town funds to purchase additional books for the school.

Remember when Florence did not want to even give Elizabeth a chance at teaching? Now she has grown to respect Elizabeth’s role and even fills in for her on occasion.

When Calls the Heart honors the longevity of friendship despite occasional disagreements and difficult circumstances. The characters set a good example of treating others with respect and fighting fair.

True Love

While we are suffering from the loss of leading man Jack Thornton, I do not think there is any denying the epic love story he shared with Elizabeth. The pair experienced both trials and tribulations but were steadfast in their commitment to loving one another. Their special Bible verse from 1 Corinthians verse 4 speaks volumes about the kindness and patience in their relationship.

Rosemary and Lee have such a fun relationship. Their’s moved quite a bit more quickly to marriage, but these two unique lovebirds knew they were meant to be. Of course, they are not strangers to conflict either. We get to see them learning from one another. We often see Lee helping Rosemary tap the brakes a little on her big ideas. Rosemary keeps Lee from getting too immersed in work. They create a great balance for one another.

Will Abigail ever marry again? She’s had plenty of suitors like Bill and Pastor Hogan. Who will be just right for her? Is Henry carrying a long, not so secret torch for Abigail?

Simpler Times

Things seem simpler on When Calls the Heart, but they experience just as many, and often more, challenges than modern times. They are living on the frontier after all!

Of course, we have more conveniences that are appreciated, but do we remember to have “spaghetti night” each week? I know I get awfully busy sometimes. I think the show gives me a different perspective and reminds me that coffee with a friend or a walk with my special someone sounds really nice.

I think about the volume of “stuff” we have at our house compared to the row houses. Think about the settlers travelling with all of their possessions in tents before they make a permanent home in town. Could I ever do that?

What are some of your favorite things about When Calls the Heart?

How are you celebrating the season 6 premiere on 2/24? Hallmark’s Home & Family show recently aired a segment about preparations for watching the premiere. Check it out here and let me know what ideas you have for watching.

Remember to follow hashtag #Hearties to keep up your fellow When Calls the Heart fans and share your thoughts on the premiere!

Let us know in the Comments who you think will be the best sitter for baby Jack!



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