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‘When Calls the Heart’: Reflections on episode 607 ‘Hope is With the Heart’

Published on May 21st, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

Heartache, hope and hijinks find their way into When Calls the Heart this week.

Who knew that a library could cause such a ruckus? Or that the residents of Hope Valley would line up to see a criminal ride into town? Hemlines are on the rise and a new couple finds themselves apart. Jesse feels duped but Henry insists he did not try to trick him.

Library tales

Elizabeth is shocked to learn that Lucas is donating one of his investment properties for the town library. Elizabeth gets started right away with the help of her students. Lucas tries to lend a hand as well, but does not appear to be at ease with a hammer and nail.

The students add books to the shelves and get distracted by a haunted tale. Robert reads aloud from the book that Harper’s mom said was too scary to keep at home. Allie, who is supposed to be trying to make friends in Hope Valley, tells the kids about a haunted house that her Uncle Nathan showed her.

Robert, Harper and Opal decide to check it out. They get spooked when Allie uses string to rig an old rocking chair at the house. She makes it look like a ghost is rocking in the chair. The kids make a run for it. Robert gets separated from the group and goes to Elizabeth’s to tell her the kids are missing.

Nathan and Elizabeth begin searching for the kids. Night has fallen. They finally come upon Harper, Allie and Opal, who is hurt. Opal has fallen and injured her arm. A visit to Dr. Shepherd proves that it is only a sprain, but Nathan is not happy that Allie thought the haunted house trick would be funny. Allie apologizes and then Nathan minces words with Elizabeth.

Nathan suggests that Lucas only donated the library building because the saloon owner fancies Elizabeth. Elizabeth reminds Nathan not to think the worst of people. She then checks in with Lucas who is shelving books in the library. Elizabeth asks Lucas about his motivations and he assures her (a little bit to her embarrassment) that while he recognizes her beauty he is inspired by her goodness.

Guardian angels

Poor Rosemary is struggling because she and Lee have not been able to conceive. Mrs. Coulter finally opens up to her husband who assures her in a very touching scene that all he really needs is her by his side.

Both Lee and Rosemary have become very enamored with baby Jack. It is easy to see how much they would like to have a child. Over dinner with Elizabeth, they talk about all the amazing things they see little Jack doing as he grows up. Elizabeth then asks them for a favor. She asks the couple to be baby Jack’s guardians.

The couple is very touched and thrilled to say “Yes!” Elizabeth’s vote of confidence in their parenting abilities means so much to Rosemary.

Personally, I think it is so lovely how this little baby has been such a gift to so many. Laura’s job as his nanny allows her to pursue her studies when she may not have been able to otherwise. Lee and Rosemary are gifted with the feeling of being needed.

Judgement call

Bill gets his first case as the territory’s judge. Henry is surprised to learn that Bill will be presiding over the proceedings when Jesse accuses Henry of trying to swindle him out of the oil on his land.

Jesse lays out the facts in the trial at the saloon. Clara even uncovers the fact that Lucas invested in Henry’s oil venture. Bill inquires as to why Henry purchased options all around the property he purchased from Jesse. Henry claims he was trying to increase his odds.

Bill is unable to find any concrete evidence suggesting that Henry did anything wrong. Is this the end of the investigation? Is Henry off the hook legitimately or is there more to this story? I have to wonder.

In other news:

  • Faith learns that her father is recovering from a heart attack. She goes to visit him. Carson and Faith share a romantic goodbye as she leaves on the stagecoach. Carson later receives a call from Faith saying that her visit may take longer than she anticipated as she rebuilds the relationship with her father. Carson is disappointed.
  • Rosemary learns of some new clothing styles that Fiona likes. She designs some of the skirts with higher hemlines. The ladies of the town are intrigued and start placing orders for the “Fiona Collection”.
  • Nathan gets word that “Gentleman Johnny Boone” is in the vicinity. Bill joins him to track down the infamous criminal, one who claims he has never actually hurt anyone despite stealing from them. The town treats him more like a celebrity when they haul Johnny to jail.
  • Nathan opens up to Elizabeth about his father also being in jail. Allie is asking questions about her grandpa. Nathan and Elizabeth agree to call each other by their first names as they develop a mutual respect for one another.

With only two more episodes in season 6 of When Calls the Heart, what are you most hoping to learn? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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