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‘When Calls the Heart’: Reflections on episode 606 ‘Disputing Hearts’

Published on May 15th, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

The discovery of oil shakes things up in Hope Valley.

When Calls the Heart episode 606 finds some residents thinking only of themselves while others do their best to help someone else. Let’s hope there are more of the latter!

On the selfish side

Henry finalizes the options on several properties around town. Robert’s dad, Mr. Wolf, wants to haggle and get a higher take for the options on his land. Gowen threatens to purchase options on the adjoining Lawson property instead. Wolf reacts quickly and takes Gowen’s offer. Henry throws in an extra $5. At first, we think he is being kind and trying to make Robert proud of his dad for getting more money.

Henry engages the drillers on his own property that he recently purchased from Jesse. Nearly about to give up, Hickam tells the drillers to try again. The 300th (or is it 400th?) times does the trick. Oil comes spewing out of the ground.

When Timmy’s dad, and Wolf’s neighbor, Mr. Lawson, gets wind of the options purchase, he feels cheated and closes the gate between their properties as well as access to Lee’s lumber site. Lee has a big order to fill and needs to access the lumber. Bill gets involved and finds a law requiring Lawson to provide access, but Lawson still plans to hire a lawyer.

Wolf now wants Henry to drill on his property so he can hopefully reap the rewards of the option. Henry refuses saying he has already found oil on his own property. Wolf claims he will hire drillers on his own. Then the rug is pulled out from under Wolf. Henry reveals that he owns all the mineral rights to Wolf’s property and a lot of other property in Hope Valley, so any oil found underneath Wolf’s property would belong to Gowen. Wolf is in shock.

We also confirm that Lucas has invested in Gowen’s oil venture, but he does not want anyone else to know. Did Lucas provid the funds for the mineral rights? Hopefully, we will get firm answers in the next episode.

I was really hoping Henry was turning over a new leaf. Lee also encourages Henry to do something good with the second chance he had been given. Unless there is a twist we don’t know about, I certainly have doubts about Henry’s intentions.

Other Hope Valley residents can be found doing their best to help someone else.

Elizabeth reaches out

Mrs. Thornton assigns a group math project. Allie agrees to work with Anna, Emily, and Opal. In turns out, however, that she ends up working alone instead. She gets all the answers correct but does not help her fellow classmates.

Elizabeth talks to Nathan to find out more about Allie’s history. She learns that Allie’s mother passed away when Allie was four. The young girl has since been moving from town to town with her Uncle Nathan, not having much time to make friends.

Elizabeth surmises that Allie is probably afraid to make new friends in fear of losing them on the next move. The good teacher also seems to realize that she, too, may be guarding herself in fear of losing someone again.

Elizabeth has a talk with Allie about taking a chance on new friends. Later, we see Allie give Opal some math advice. Opal smiles and Allie seems pleased to be making a connection.

Clara and Carson encourage their respective loves

Jesse is distraught when he learns that Henry struck oil on the property Jesse just sold to him. He tells Clara that they made a mistake. Clara reminds him that they have what really counts – each other.

Carson takes a leap of faith and asks Fiona to find the phone number for Faith’s estranged father. Carson calls David Carter, Faith’s dad, and makes arrangements for Faith to call him. Faith hesitates but takes the call. In a very emotional scene, Faith reconnects with her father.

Doctor’s advice

Rosemary shows signs of longing for a child. She tells Carson she suspects there is a problem. He tells her she is very healthy and encourages her to talk to Lee. Rosemary plans a special dinner to share with her husband. Lee comes home from a very long day at work. He talks about how he has to take on Henry’s work since he resigned. Also, the deadline for his big order has been moved up.

Then Lee remembers that Rosemary wanted to talk about something. He asks her to share, but she says it can wait and makes up a story about something going on at the dress shop. They proceed to the dinner table without her sharing her deeper concerns.

Fiona does not give up on Florence

Fiona is hiring another phone operator. Florence gladly applies as she is enamored with the new communication device. It facilitates her love of gossip after all!

Florence has trouble getting the hang of things. She ends up connecting the wrong people and then spills her tea on the switchboard causing it to spark. The town gossip is discouraged, embarrassed and feeling like a failure. Florence runs out of the mercantile and quits. She finally admits to Fiona that she has never held a job. Fiona reminds her that it’s never too late to start. The pair works together and Florence finally gets up to speed.

Now that Fiona has some good help on the switchboard, can we expand Fiona’s story? I would love to see more of her each week.

The jury is still out

Lucas encourages Elizabeth about the idea of the library. She appreciates his support. Then again, there is something suspicious about Lucas not wanting to reveal his investment in Henry’s oil venture. It’s hard to know if we can trust Lucas. Could his interest in the library actually be a cover for his interest in Elizabeth? We will have to wait and see.

I would say, overall, we found more Hope Valley residents being selfless this week on When Calls the Heart. Henry’s announcement about the mineral rights sure was a disappointment, though. Then again, could he have something more honorable up his sleeve that we don’t know about?

Tune in for more When Calls the Heart on the Hallmark Channel on May 19th.


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