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‘When Calls the Heart’: Reflections on season 6 finale

Published on June 3rd, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

When Calls the Heart ends season 6 with some surprises, heartfelt moments, good laughs, and a few lingering questions.

It’s almost Founders Day on the When Calls the Heart season 6 finale episode titled ‘Two of Hearts’.

Rosemary and Fiona have been working feverishly to finalize all the details for the big event in Hope Valley. First up, however, is baby Jack’s christening.

Bill finds an old letter that reveals another side of Henry Gowen. Young Spencer struggles with the idea of going to Brookfield.

A few surprises

There were quite a few surprises this week on When Calls the Heart.

Lee rewards Jesse’s hard work and loyalty by promoting him to manager of the sawmill. Jesse does some surprising as well when he finally asks Clara to marry him at the Founders Day dance. The pair have talked about it for some time, but when Jesse pops the question, Clara is truly surprised.

Young Spencer seems to be cheering up in Hope Valley. We see some smiles and participation at the the festival. We cannot deny, however, the pain he is experiencing at the recent loss of his parents. Still, we are surprised (and scared!) when he sneaks away from Grace in the cotton candy line. Thankfully, Carson finds him hiding under a table at the infirmary safe and sound.

No one is more surprised than Bill when he cleans out file drawers to find a letter addressed to Henry Gowen. The correspondence is a response from the Pacific Mining Company to Henry’s inquiry about the dangers identified by Noah Stanton regarding the coal mine. The reply states that the concerns are not valid and to proceed with business as usual. No one knew that Henry actually reached out to the mining company himself with Noah’s safety concerns.. The town just assumed he ignored them.

Fiona and Rosemary decide to change things up at the dance. They announce that it will be “ladies choice” for the next song and encourage the ladies to select a dance partner. Rosemary selects Lee after first teasing him. Florence asks Ned Yost for a dance. Then we see Elizabeth approach Lucas and she asks him to dance. While the pair have been becoming closer through the library, Elizabeth has also expressed reservations about Lucas’ past heroics threatening her safety during the hostage situation in episode 7.

Elizabeth seems a little surprised herself when she sees the look of disappointment in Nathan’s eyes when she does not ask him to dance instead. All of a sudden, Elizabeth seems a little sad, too. Does she regret her choice?

Heartfelt Moments

Certainly, baby Jack’s christening ceremony is a special event and a loving demonstration of the community’s commitment to his faith. Elizabeth’s sister Julie arrives as godmother to little Jack and she brings a family heirloom with her for the little guy to wear. It’s the same christening gown that Elizabeth wore as a baby.

Elizabeth takes a moment to speak with Henry alone. She shows him the letter and tells him that he should not keep second guessing himself about the mining tragedy. It is not his fault. He resists thinking he should have tried harder. Elizabeth points out that the town has no idea that he actually cared about the miners’ safety and sent an inquiry about it. He is not sure the residents of Hope Valley will really see it that way. Elizabeth encourages Henry to attend the dance.

Grace tells Spencer that she, too, lost her parents as a child. It helps him to know that she really understands. Grace describes Brookfield and the wonderful life they have planned for the orphans in their care at the orphanage. Spencer agrees to go and likes the idea of being with the other children.

We learn that Allie is having a sleepover with Opal and other girls from school. It is wonderful to see her making friends and feeling at home in Hope Valley.

Lee tells Rosemary that she is always finding ways to touch so many lives in Hope Valley. He explains that this makes them part of everyone’s family.

Elizabeth is touched when Nathan gives her a handmade sign with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Good Laughs

Lee describes Henry as looking like “a man with two wet socks”. Then he proceeds to sit with Bill and their pride in being baby Jack’s guardian and godfather – even though they don’t really know what all it entails!

Nathan offers to hold Jack while Elizabeth visits with friends after the christening. He makes funny noises and silly faces that make the little fellow giggle.

Can we talk about Florence’s hair? Clara is not as successful at the hair styling booth as Fiona had hoped. Florence’s hair is a hysterical mess of random curls before Fiona steps in to save the day.

Carson shows up both Nathan and Lucas at the “Test Your Strength” carnival game and wins the coveted fishing pole for Allie. The good doctor throws down the hammer and hits the bell with ease after Nathan and Lucas tried to outshine one another to no avail.

Robert and Harper thought everyone could be a judge in the pie tasting and ate most of the pies before Judge Bill even had a bite!

Lingering Questions for When Calls the Heart

  • Does Elizabeth regret her choice to ask Lucas to dance? Was it a sign of friendship or something more? Does she have feelings she did not realize for Nathan?
  • Who is Kevin the blacksmith and are we going to see more of him next season?
  • Will Henry let go of the past and take a chance on the town believing in him?
  • Can we please see more of Hickam in season 7?
  • Don’t we still need a Mayor?

There is much to speculate as we wait for season 7 of When Calls the Heart on Hallmark Channel!

It’s a long wait, but at least we know it’s coming!


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