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‘When Calls the Heart’ episode 608 is a nail biter

Published on May 27th, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

Lucas has a secret that puts Elizabeth in danger on When Calls the Heart.

Loyalties are tested this week on When Calls the Heart episode ‘A Call from the Past’. Visitors arrive to town, but not all are welcome. New partnerships are forged while others feel betrayed.

Passing through

Grace from the 2018 Christmas special is passing through town with an orphan named Spencer. Rosemary and Lee are hosting the pair at their house. Carson offers to examine Spencer because he looks pale. The doctor determines that Spencer is anemic and offers some dietary suggestions to raise his iron level.

We learn that Spencer just lost his parents two months ago. He is not eating or talking much. Dr. Shepherd orders some iron pills from Benson Hills since his supply has run out and Faith is not there to manage the reorders. This means Grace and Spencer will have to extend their stay in Hope Valley, but Founders Day is approaching and Carson invites them to join the festivities.

Rosemary seems delighted to be hosting Grace and Spencer. Fiona joins them for dinner when she comes to the house to help plan for Founders Day. Fiona recalls flying acrobatics from the World’s Fair in San Francisco. Rosemary says Lee’s pancakes will be the only things flipping at their event. This gives Grace the idea to serve pancakes for dinner, hoping that young Spencer will indulge.

It works! Spencer eats the pancakes and even asks for a second helping.

Surprises, some good, others not so much

Elizabeth surprises her sister Julie with a request for her to be Jack’s godmother. Elizabeth asks Bill to be the godfather. Both are surprised, touched, and agreeable to the idea. (Sidenote: My heart melted when little Jack puts his hand on Bill’s arm after Bill accepts and hugs Elizabeth.)

Lee, however, gets a surprise from Hickam that he is not prepared for or happy about. Michael has accepted an offer to work full-time for Henry in the petroleum business and has to leave the sawmill right away.

Jesse gets wind of the 20 percent pay increase being offered by Henry and considers leaving the sawmill as well. Clara reminds Jesse how much Lee has done for him and how happy he is working with Lee. Jesse is able to look beyond the money and surprises Lee by telling him he is staying. Will Hickam follow suit?

Elizabeth surprises Lucas by asking him to cut the ribbon at the grand opening ceremony for the library since he provided the building. He declines and says she should do it because it was her idea. They finally agree to do it together.

Nathan is surprised when he hears a shriek from inside the library. He runs in to find that Elizabeth screamed when some of the shelves collapsed suddenly. He bends down to help her retrieve the books and their hands touch. Fiona interrupts looking for Lucas.

A worrisome phone call surprises Fiona. She connects a call to Lucas from Cape Fullerton. While she waits to confirm the connection, she hears a female tell Lucas that someone “is coming after them”. Fiona shares the information with Elizabeth as she is worried for Lucas. Elizabeth confronts Lucas who has closed the saloon for the day and is leaving town, with a gun.

The worst surprise of all comes when Elizabeth sees lights on in the saloon that night after Lucas departed. She knocks on the door but no one answers. She turns the knob and walks in. Two strange men approach her.

To the rescue

We are in dire need of a rescue mission on When Calls the Heart. Bill and Nathan both have their suspicions about Lucas. But when Elizabeth arrives to tell them about the mysterious phone call and Lucas’ departure, Nathan goes after Lucas to help. Nathan confronts Lucas in the woods and Lucas tells him about a friend he tried to help in Cape Fullerton. The friend was unable to pay her loan and the lender burned her business to the ground. Lucas rescued her from the fire.

The loan shark is named Amos Dixon and Lucas agreed to play him in poker to settle the debt. Dixon was cheating so Lucas cheated as well (reportedly the only time he has cheated). Amos accused Lucas of cheating and has been hunting him ever since. Dixon is the man that has taken Elizabeth hostage at the saloon.

Nathan and Lucas arrive back in town where Nathan will call to request Mountie protection for Lucas’ friend in Cape Fullerton. Lucas returns to the saloon and Nathan asks Bill to watch for strangers by the water tower.

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Lucas enters the saloon to find Elizabeth held hostage. Amos orders Lucas to empty his safe and satisfy his friend’s loan. Lucas points out that she only defaulted because Amos kept increasing the finance charges.

Nathan notices a shadow moving in the saloon window. He knocks on the door and Lucas answers. Under duress, Lucas reports that everything is okay but pulls the door open wide enough for Nathan to see the overturned basket on the floor. This signals Nathan that something is not right.

Dixon sends his henchman outside to get the horses. He plans to keep Elizabeth as his hostage since there is a Mountie nearby. Nathan goes to the second floor exterior balcony looking for an open window or door. He finds a door unlocked and enters quietly.

Outside Bill points a rifle at the unsuspecting henchman. Inside Nathan confronts Dixon. Shots fire and Elizabeth pushes Dixon’s arm in the air. The gun falls to the ground. Lucas and Dixon wrestle for the gun, but Nathan steps on the gun bringing the fight to a close. Dixon and his henchman go to jail.

Lucas tells Nathan that he has nothing else to hide and the two shake hands. Elizabeth, on the other hand, feels like Lucas’ apology during the hostage situation is not enough. Personally, I cannot blame her. Lucas put the whole town in danger by keeping them in the dark. He does tell Nathan, however, that he was not sure who he could trust and that’s why he did not tell anyone originally.

Thank goodness Elizabeth escapes unharmed, at least physically, this week on When Calls the Heart. She may have some trust issues going forward, though. I’m glad that Jesse stayed with Lee, but I am having a hard time with Hickam joining Henry. I understand Hickam accepting a new opportunity, but not giving any notice creates a real burden for Lee.

Hopefully, Founders Day will be a great time of celebration!

The When Calls the Heart season 6 finale airs June 2nd.




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