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‘When Calls the Heart’: Some bold moves in episode 605

Published on May 12th, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

Hope Valley citizens, new and old, make some bold moves in episode ‘Surprise’ on When Calls the Heart.

The episode opens with Jesse digging a well on his property as Clara looks on. Meanwhile, Bill is nervously tapping his coffee cup while looking at a piece of paper at the cafe. Florence and Molly are annoyed with Bill’s loud behavior. Just then a tremor runs through the ground. But this is just the beginning of the shake-up in Hope Valley this week!

Black gold?

As Jesse digs the well, Clara notices liquid around his feet and asks if it is water. Jesse bends down to discover that it is oil. The pair celebrates and speak of wealthy days ahead. Jesse brings Lee and Henry to the property to take a look. Did they really strike oil?

Both gentleman share that it is unusual to find oil so close to the surface, but it certainly looks like oil.  Henry recommends that a geologist give input on the findings. A geologist from Benson Hills studies the spot and estimates a 40% chance of there actually being oil deeper in the ground. He explains that it could just be surface level oil that was agitated during the tremor. Then again, he finds some shale that could be a sign of great reward.

Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to spend thousands of dollars for a dig. Jesse and Clara do not have that kind of money at their disposal.

Henry intervenes

Henry meets with saloon owner Lucas to talk about poker and risk-taking. He proposes the idea of taking a big risk that could have a huge return. Interestingly, fans know Lucas has a mysterious safe full of cash.

Henry offers to buy Jesse’s land for $1200, which is more than twice what he paid for. Jesse consults with Clara and they seem to decide to take the offer.

We then see Henry execute one of eight option agreements for oil drilling. Lucas makes mention of the large investment, which Henry calls “high stakes gambling”.

New girl in town

This episode brings the arrival of Allie, the niece of Mountie Nathan Grant. Nathan refers to “raising” her, so it sounds like he has been like a parent to her for some time.

She is a spirited young lady with a penchant for skipping school. Nathan drops her off to her new school, but she insists that she go in alone. Nathan agrees and while he walks in the other direction, Allie runs past the school ditching her lunch pail along the way.

While playing hooky, Allie runs into the saloon to evade her uncle. She meets Lucas who shares that he had a hard time fitting in at school, too. He shows her a card trick and tells her that this helped him make an impression with the other kids when he was young. She convinces him to give her the set of playing cards.

Nathan goes to pick up Allie at school and learns she never arrived. Elizabeth offers to help find her. They find her in town coming back from a fishing excursion. She apologizes, meets her teacher, and agrees to go the next day.

Things get tricky

Allie goes to school the next day and begins wowing the other students with the card trick. She takes it a step further by having the kids bet on the card’s outcome. She collects a bag of their belongings by tricking them. Elizabeth catches her in the act and makes her turn over the bag of loot.

Elizabeth notices the “Queen of Hearts” logo on the cards and goes to confront Lucas at the saloon. He admits to giving her the cards and teaching her the trick but insists he did not tell her to gamble with the children.

Nathan and Elizabeth speak with Allie and tell her to return the other kids’ items the next day. Allie does return the items, at least what’s left of them – like a half eaten muffin and an apple core. The kids are not quite sure what to make of her spirited, unfiltered honesty, but at least she is being herself.

A courtship unveiled

Carson and Faith continue to keep their romantic relationship under wraps, but the townspeople are suspicious. The nurse and doctor go on a supply run and find the road blocked on their return to Hope Valley. They are forced to camp for the night.

Carson asks about Faith’s parents and she opens up about her mother’s passing and her strained relationship with her father. Faith’s mother was a nurse and died by contracting Typhoid fever from a patient. Faith’s dad was none too happy about Faith choosing to be a nurse and even called her “a fool”. The two have not spoken in years.

Faith and Carson finally make it back to Hope Valley and Faith asks if it made Carson uncomfortable that she opened up so much about her dad. Carson assures her it was fine and that she is absolutely not a fool. He than makes a bold move by taking her face in his hands and kissing her on the street in front of everyone. Faith does not mind!

The news is out, at least officially, because Elizabeth admits she already knew. Their attempts to hide it did not fool her!

In other news:

  • Earlier this season, Bill physically threatened a judge who was covering for some gunrunners. The Governor’s Chief of Staff arrives per his letter (that Bill was reading in the cafe) to meet with Bill. Bill thinks he is in trouble but still boldly points out that judges should be tough and fair. The Chief of Staff agrees. In fact, that’s why he is there – to offer Bill a job as the replacement judge.
  • Rosemary is worried for her friendship with Elizabeth. The teacher and neighbor has had to cancel or refuse dinner invitations on multiple occasions recently. Rosemary plans a girls only evening for the two friends, but is disappointed when Elizabeth’s sitter becomes unavailable.
  • Lee to the rescue! Lee agrees to babysit for baby Jack so Rosemary and Elizabeth can enjoy a fun night together. Bill arrives at Elizabeth’s house to talk about the incident with Lucas and finds Lee babysitting. Bill gives Lee some babysitting advice and the two friends bicker about whether or not baby Jack needs his blanket. It’s quite amusing, but not nearly as funny as the site of all three guys – baby Jack, Lee, and Bill – snoozing when Elizabeth returns home!

There were a lot of new developments in episode 605 of When Calls the Heart. Some questions were also left unanswered, but the good news is that there is another new episode airing 5/12!

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