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‘When Calls the Heart’ episode 604 teaches ‘think before you act’

When Calls the Heart returns with important lessons on impulse control.

Hope Valley graced the Hallmark Channel screen again on May 5th after a brief “creative hiatus”. Fans of When Calls the Heart were anxious to tune in for the heartfelt family drama. They also wanted to find out how Lori Loughlin’s exit from the series would be addressed for her character Mayor Abigail Stanton.

The episode opens with Elizabeth Thornton writing in her journal. Her voice over explains that Abigail wasted no time leaving when she heard of her mother’s declining health. Abigail and son Cody headed East. We learned that Bill and Clara (who now has three jobs!) are covering at the cafe. There is no word yet on who will fill Abigail’s mayoral responsibilities.

With the explanation of Abigail’s absence out of the way, the focus shifts to the introduction of new Mountie, Nathan Grant. Elizabeth is teaching a lesson on the art of debate in her classroom. Rosemary is itching to get more information about the status of Faith and Carson’s relationship even installing a telephone at her home to stay apprised of all developments in town. Jesse has to confront his jealousy and Bill partners with Nathan to investigate a robbery.

Let’s take a closer look at how the residents of Hope Valley learned some lessons about reactionary behavior.

Listen and learn

Students Anna and Emily debate the value of automobiles versus horses in the classroom debate project. Both girls feel passionately about their preference. Despite Elizabeth’s instructions about when to listen and when to give a rebuttal, the two young ladies begin to exhibit disrespectful behavior and ignore the rules of debate.

The class breaks for lunch. Anna and Emily are not speaking to one another. At the end of the school day, Elizabeth calls the two girls aside and reminds them of the importance of their friendship. She also talks about the value of listening and learning from one another in debate. The girls apologize and hug.

Hold up, Jesse

Saloon owner Lucas Bouchard is entertaining the ladies with clever card tricks. Faith asks him to do another one and pulls aside waitress Clara to be his assistant. He bends down as if he is going to kiss her hand and Jesse jumps to conclusions. Clara’s beau takes a swing at Lucas but the punch lands on Nathan instead. Nathan wrestles Jesse to the ground to stop the altercation.

Bill takes Nathan and Jesse to the jail, not yet knowing that Nathan is the new Mountie for Hope Valley. Nathan surprises Bill when he reveals his identity. Both men are released shortly.Meanwhile, Clara is mortified about Jesse’s behavior. She later confronts Jesse about his jealousy saying Lucas was not going to do anything inappropriate.

Jesse consults Henry about Clara’s concerns. Henry points out that he’s not the best guy to ask about affairs of the heart but that he thinks Clara has a point. Jesse apologizes and Clara forgives him.

Take time for a thorough investigation

A stagecoach comes barreling through town shouting that they have been robbed while delivering the sawmill payroll. The driver describes how they were accosted by five men with rifles. Two female passengers appear shaken and take respite in the cafe. One of the wheels on the stagecoach needs a new axle, so they have to stay put in Hope Valley for a while. Bill asks the passengers about what happened.

Nathan makes two visits to the robbery site, first with Lee and then with Bill. After carefully reviewing the crime scene, Bill and Nathan both discover several holes in the driver’s story as well as the story of one of the passengers. By carefully reviewing the evidence and not acting abruptly, Bill and Nathan solve the crime. The stagecoach driver and one of the passengers were in cahoots and staged (no pun intended!) the robbery.

Nathan and Bill mislead the driver into thinking they are going to have to wait several days for the wheel to be fixed or take the train instead. They catch the driver and passenger searching the stagecoach for the missing money, which Nathan had already removed from under the coach seat. Got ya!

Patience, Rosemary

I know, this sounds impossible! Rosemary wants the details on Carson and Faith’s courtship and she does not understand why they want to keep it under wraps for now. It’s difficult for her remain quiet about the relationship.

She confides in Lee and they work together to prepare a secret romantic dinner at Lee’s office for the doctor and nurse in love. Carson and Faith appreciate the gesture. Rosemary chooses friendship over selfishness by complying with the couples wishes for privacy as they explore their relationship.

Rosemary does not want to give up the house phone, however. Lee obliges and is grateful for his wife’s big heart.

Give them time

Elizabeth finally introduces herself to Mountie Nathan. It’s very difficult for her seeing someone else in the red surge. She is brave and kind and goes to visit Nathan at the jail office. She is surprised that Nathan has something for her. She had forgotten about Jack’s pension and is grateful for the funds.

Elizabeth also takes a moment to tell Nathan how not everyone was keen about her own arrival in Hope Valley years ago. She hopes he will come to feel at home in Hope Valley as much as she does.

I think the big lesson here is to think before you act. We see this played out across the different story lines.

I also think this is a fitting topic to be explored in the first episode after the departure of Abigail. Fans have had mixed emotions and ideas about how the story should continue without Abigail. It’s easy to argue your own opinion and ignore the opinion of others. Ultimately, we all want the same thing, though – more When Calls the Heart.

Thankfully, with a little patience and perseverance, we can all enjoy the show together again!





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