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‘When Calls the Heart’: Risky business in Hope Valley in episode 6.2

Published on March 3rd, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

When Calls the Heart returns for season 6 episode 2 with our frontier friends taking some risks.

The episode titled ‘The Queen of Hearts” opens with Elizabeth vowing to teach baby Jack all about his father and promising to raise him in his footsteps. It is a bittersweet reminder of the amazing love shared by Elizabeth and Jack. Then we are treated to new wheels, new jobs, and new saloon owner Lucas Bouchard.

A bumpy bicycle ride

Cody and Robert ride to school on bicycles. Fellow student Timmy admires the bikes and Cody offers to let him try his bike. Timmy declines as school is about to begin.

Elizabeth encourages Timmy to try the bike at recess. She will help him get started. He obliges but tells Elizabeth to not let go. It turns out Timmy experienced a bad fall on a bike and is afraid of risking another fall, especially in front of his friends.

Elizabeth, always reluctant to give up, concocts a plan to convince Timmy to take the risk. You may recall that Timmy plays the piano, so Elizabeth pretends to struggle playing a song inside the school. Timmy comes to her aid and encourages her to keep trying and not be embarrassed. Timmy realizes this applies to his bike riding efforts as well.

Once again, the teacher gives lessons that do not always come in books!

Carson risks his heart and more

Rosemary is frustrated that her initial match-making efforts were not successful with Carson and Faith. She is determined to get these two co-workers together romantically as well. When Rosemary approaches Faith about it, Faith explains her embarrassment about Carson suggesting that a romance between them would be “ridiculous”.

Lee also talks to Carson about the potential for courtship with Faith. Carson confesses his “ridiculous” remark and clearly feels bad about it. He explains to Lee that because he and Faith work so well together as doctor and nurse, he is nervous that a failed romance could negatively impact their work. Lee understands the concern but reminds Carson that a wonderful woman like Faith will be pursued by someone else eventually.

When Carson spies Faith showing an interest in the charming but mysterious new saloon owner Lucas, he knows Lee is right. If he thinks Faith could be the one, he needs to take a risk and find out. Carson takes the plunge and asks Faith to dance at the saloon grand re-opening and tells her, “I think you’re special”. Faith reciprocates the sentiment and they enjoy their dance.

Abigail takes a risk on Henry

Henry is always on the prowl for a new business opportunity. Thankfully, he continues to remain on the straight and narrow, but that does not protect him from the risks associated with business matters. He takes an interest in the stock market and is investing for both himself and on behalf of Lee.

Henry offers his investment services to Abigail. She refuses his offer initially but later decides to get her feet wet with investing. She gives Henry $5 to purchase stock for “Durham Equipment” after Henry shares his recent gains with the company.

Of course, their is always risk associated with investing. The equipment company’s stock crashed, but Henry tells Abigail otherwise. Henry announces to Abigail that her investment has doubled and he hands her $10. The truth comes out, however, when Abigail talks to Lee and learns of their loss.

Abigail confronts Henry at the saloon party. She explains that she understands the risk of investment and he does not have to cover the loss for her, much less pretend their was a profit. The pair clears the air and it looks to me like Henry wants to ask Abigail to dance. Alas, the song ends. Truth be told, Henry and Abigail having been doing a metaphorical “dance” for a long time.

Mystery surrounds Lucas Brouchard

We finally lay eyes on the mysterious new saloon owner as he dines in Abigail’s Cafe. Mysterious indeed! He dodges any questions about his past and keeps details about the saloon grand re-opening party under wraps, except the part about it being free. That intrigues the town but also makes them suspect.

Newcomer and switchboard operator Fiona teams up with Bill to uncover some calls Lucas makes to New Orleans speaking French. When Bill dials the same number, the lady on the other end hangs up when Bill mentions Lucas.

Lucas does throw a good party, however. He has named the saloon “The Queen of Hearts” and brings in delicacies to eat and a player piano for entertainment. When a package arrives for the saloon, Sheriff Bill insists on seeing the contents. Lucas opens the container to reveal a shipment of salmon for the party. Later that evening, however, Lucas retrieves another box that had been buried beneath the salmon. It is full of cash and he moves it to a safe.

In other news:

  • Fiona learns that Florence leads the town gossip.
  • Jesse has mixed feelings about Clara moonlighting at the saloon to make money for them to get married sooner.
  • Lee is completely enamored with baby Jack’s cuteness. How can anyone not be?
  • Dottie has opened a section location for the dress shop.
  • Lucas stumbles every time he talks to Elizabeth, first not realizing she is the town teacher, and then not knowing that she is widowed.

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