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What’s in Store for Harrison Wells in Season 4 of ‘The Flash’?

Published on September 4th, 2017 | Updated on September 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

What’s in Store for Harrison Wells in Season 4 of The Flash?

Since the beginning of the series, we have seen multiple versions of Harrison Wells, all played by the brilliant Tom Cavanagh. At the end of Season 3, H.R. Wells, who hailed from Earth-19, nobly sacrificed himself in order to save Iris. Earth-2 Wells, Harry, came over to aid Team Flash in defeating Savitar, and it looks like he’s going to stick around for a little bit.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg teases Wells’ involvement in Season 4. Harry will be trying to figure out his place in the universe. Jesse has decided to be the Flash of Earth-3, and Harry realizes that he has no life besides his daughter. Kreisberg says,

“So season 4 for Harry is really realizing what he’s missing in his life and what it is he needs to become a better, more complete person, and so he’s going to be going on a fairly epic emotional journey this season that is tied to The Thinker’s plan.”

Interesting that Harry will have some sort of connection the season’s main antagonist.

Kreisberg also reveals that Harry isn’t the only Wells that will be around this season. Cavanagh will have to once more don a different persona, which is really quite fun. It’s amazing to watch Cavanagh become another versions of the same character. I’m excited to see what the next Wells brings to the table.

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 10, on The CW.

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