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What You Need to Know Before Watching ‘Pretty Little Liars: End Game’

Published on April 18th, 2017 | Updated on April 18th, 2017 | By FanFest

Got a secret… can you keep it?

Pretty Little Liars returns tonight and after 150 episodes and a huge break in season 7, we could all use a refresher, right?

With only 10 episodes left, we will finally have closure on a few things!

The Liars

Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily started getting texts from A about a year after Allison’s disappearance. Each girl has a secret or two.

Spencer was attracted to her sister’s fiances and has kissed them (Wren and Ian), she has lied to the cops, abused amphetamines, kissed some more boys and oh yeah! Jason and Ali are her step siblings and Mary Drake is her real mother.

Aria has dated Jason and her English teacher, she knew her dad was having an affair, pushed a cop car into the lake with Hanna, kissed some boys while dating Ezra, and killed Shana.

Hanna has suffered with bulimia, pushed a car into the lake with Aria, killed Elliot, kidnapped Noel, and has hid things from the liars like money issues and the fact that she broke off her engagement.

Emily is in love with Alison, lied about dropping out of college, and killed Lyndon James. All in all, Emily didn’t do a whole lot of bad things without the liars.

Alison secretly dated Ian and Ezra, witnessed Noel kill a girl at a frat party, disappeared then came back from the dead, secretly helped the liars when A was about kill one of them, married Elliot and is pregnant.

On top of that laundry list, the liars blinded Jenna Mashall, buried Elliot lived through the Doll House and are guilty of a lot of sneaking and snooping that led them to places they shouldn’t be.

Who is A.D. or better known as Uber A?

Dawning a black hoodie and hellbent on ruining lives, A has been the biggest mystery of the show! We know that Mona and CeCe/Charlotte/Charles were A, but after CeCe/Charlotte/Charles died, the creepy messages didn’t stop and the signature became uber A. Regular A knew the liars’ secrets (The Jenna Thing for example) and threatened to expose them. Uber A on the other hand thinks he knows who killed CeCe/Charlotte/Charles and wants revenge.

We know who Uber A can’t be: Ian, CeCe/Charlotte/Charles, Jessica DiLaurentis, Shana, Sarah Harvey, and anyone else who is dead. And speaking of this, who keeps killing everyone?!?

Check out this recap video of Season 7A. Maybe you can figure out who Uber A is?

So knowing what we know about the liars and what little we know of Uber A, it seems like 10 episodes just isn’t enough! But Marlene King has assured us that our favorite romances will be end game.

“All the [relationship] endgames will be the endgames, but nobody’s going to get there super easily,” she revealed at PaleyFest. “There’s going to be some bends in the road to get to the happily ever after.”

Tyler Blackburn also chimed in with his thoughts on dating Spencer. “Spaleb was fun to dabble with… [but] Haleb is where it’s at.”

Marlene keeps stressing that these finale 10 episodes are a love letter to us, the fans, for keeping a dead girl alive, even when she wasn’t dead in the first place. “The finale is a two-hour finale,” she said. “It feels like a movie and it was written as if it was a movie. I hope you guys are satisfied with this huge twist.”

Will everyone’s secrets be revealed? All of them? Is someone going to go to jail? Some things we NEED answered in these final episodes:

  • Who is Uber A
  • Why is Uber A after the liars?
  • What does Uber A want from the liars?
  • Who shot Spencer, and killed Charlotte, Mrs. DiLaurentis and Sarah Harvey?
  • How is everyone involved?

Season 7b returns tonight at 8 on Freeform!



Who do you think Uber A is?

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