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What You Need To Know About The New 2DS XL

Published on April 28th, 2017 | Updated on April 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

Nintendo dropped an unexpected announcement today with the unveiling of their New 2DS XL. While their other brand-new system, the console/handheld combo Nintendo Switch, is outselling every other Nintendo system EVER, there’s still tons of excitement to be had over this new handheld. Here are the major points that you need to know.

First off, this is the first XL offering in the 2DS line, and it looks very different than its smaller-sized predecessor. Gone is the one-piece tablet-style handheld. The New 2DS XL features a slimmed-down and smoothed-out clamshell design, which fits in nicely with the rest of the DS line. There’s also now a C-Stick, a built-in NFC Amiibo reader, and a faster processor, all of which were absent from the previous 2DS. Basically, this system looks like the 2DS’s cooler older brother.

Not everything is changing, however. Despite the overall smaller case size, the namesake dual screens are the same size as other XL handhelds. There’s also still no 3D capability. The 2DS has always been about providing an alternative for those who want to play the latest games, but who either don’t care about 3D or can’t use it. The previous 2DS model was very popular with parents of younger kids due to the more durable design and the removal of 3D options entirely (Nintendo doesn’t recommend any 3D play for kids under 7). The problem with attracting older kids and adults was that it just didn’t look very cool. Now with the redesign, the 2DS will be right at home in anyone’s pocket.

Now for the important part: the price. Coming in at just $149.99, the New 2DS XL is half the price of the Nintendo Switch. It’s also a solid $50 cheaper than its counterpart, the New 3DS XL. The previous version of the 2DS will still run you just $79.99, but you’ll miss out on all the awesomeness of the redesign. No word yet on if the system will be available for preorder ahead of its July 28th release date, but we’ll keep you posted as we hear. If you want to see all the features of the New 2DS XL yourself, check out the video below. Then sound off in the comments. Are you excited for this new handheld, or is it too much too soon from Nintendo?

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