What ‘The Flash’ & The Next Solar Eclipse Have In Common

It should come as no surprise that The Flash is one of our favorite shows. From its well-written story arcs to meta-humor, it’s a show that both excites us and pulls at our heartstrings. But does it also predict the next Solar Eclipse?

Remember back to the “Pilot” episode of the series where Harrison Wells first looked at that future newspaper article warning that ‘the Flash vanishes in a crisis’? Well from a show standpoint, that is actually hinting at the famous Crisis On Infinite Earth’s storyline. Grant Gustin confirmed this at San Diego Comic Con to comicbook.com and says that it is a hopeful goal of the show to one day tackle. Though the newspaper’s date is important for another reason and it has to do with the next real life solar eclipse.

The last time a full Solar Eclipse touched the United States was in 1979, and then again this past Monday. Well we won’t have to wait 38 years because another solar eclipse is coming April 2024. And what’s the date of that future Flash article? April 25th, 2024.

Now disclaimer, the exact 2024 eclipse date is April 8th – as opposed to the 25th – , but still that is an impressively fun coincidence! Of all the years and months they could have picked, The Flash‘s Crisis On Infinite Earth easter egg story is tied to April 2024, the same month and year as a real life total Eclipse! I guess we’ll have to find out more April 2024 when the next total eclipse happens. Though if we do end up seeing red skies that day…. perhaps this truly is more of a crisis than coincidence. Where’s the Flash when you need him?