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What is Tom Selleck’s net worth?

Published on October 26th, 2023 | Updated on November 27th, 2023 | By FanFest

Tom Selleck’s Net Worth, Career, and Personal Life

Tom Selleck

Category:Richest Celebrities › Actors

Net Worth:$45 Million

Salary:$200 Thousand Per Episode

Date of Birth:Jan 29, 1945 (78 years old)

Place of Birth:Detroit


Height:6 ft 3 in (1.92 m)

Profession:Film Producer, Actor, Television producer, Screenwriter

Nationality:United States of America

What is Tom Selleck’s Net Worth and Salary?

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck, an esteemed American actor and accomplished producer, boasts a substantial net worth of $45 million. Selleck has achieved iconic status in the realm of Hollywood, thanks to his extensive and versatile contributions to both television and film. While his career has evolved over multiple decades, he initially rose to prominence during the 1980s. In 2010, Selleck embarked on a new chapter in his career by taking on a prominent role in the hit television series “Blue Bloods.” Remarkably, for each episode of this acclaimed show, he commands a hefty $200,000 fee. When calculated for a full season, this translates to an impressive earnings of around $5 million.

Early Life

What is Tom Selleck's net worth?

Thomas William Selleck was born on January 29, 1945, in Detroit, Michigan, before his family moved to Sherman Oaks, California. Graduating from high school in 1962, Selleck began his college journey at Los Angeles Valley College but soon transitioned to the University of Southern California on a basketball scholarship. Initially majoring in Business Administration, a teacher’s encouragement led him to pursue acting, prompting him to leave college during his senior year. However, his budding acting career took a backseat when he was drafted into the U.S. Military amid the Vietnam conflict. From 1967 to 1973, he served in the California National Guard while still nurturing his acting aspirations. This period laid the foundation for Tom Selleck’s eventual rise to stardom in the world of entertainment.

Early Career

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck first gained recognition through commercials for brands like Coca-Cola, Revlon, and Right Guard. His iconic role as “The Marlboro Man” made him a familiar face. He transitioned into television and film, finding success in “The Rockford Files.” In 1979, Selleck’s love for the outdoors led him to a cowboy role in “The Sacketts,” aligning with his real-life interests.

Magnum P.I.

Tom Selleck

In 1980, Tom Selleck catapulted to stardom with his role in the hit TV series Magnum P.I., which enjoyed eight seasons of success and was filmed in the picturesque setting of Hawaii. His exceptional performance in the show earned him an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 1984. Magnum P.I. became an iconic fixture of 1980s pop culture, with Tom Selleck’s distinctive mustache, Hawaiian shirts, and sleek Ferrari becoming synonymous with the series. Long after its conclusion, Magnum P.I. maintained its reign as the most widely syndicated rerun in television history.

Further Success

What is Tom Selleck's net worth?

While Tom Selleck continued his role in Magnum, he managed to juggle his acting career with appearances in movies such as Runaway and Three Men and a Baby.

After his stint on Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck’s star continued to rise as he took on various film projects, including Quigley Down Under, An Innocent Man, In & Out, and The Love Letter. He also made a triumphant return to television, securing a recurring role on the popular sitcom Friends. In this series, Selleck played the character of Monica’s former boyfriend, a performance that earned him an Emmy Award nomination in 2000 for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

In 1998, Tom Selleck sought to revive his television career by headlining the sitcom Closer. Unfortunately, the show was short-lived, with only ten episodes airing due to poor ratings. However, undeterred, Selleck went on to star in a series of made-for-TV movies based on the character Jesse Stone from the novels of Robert B. Parker.

Selleck’s career took another successful turn when he became part of the cast of NBC’s Las Vegas, marking his first significant recurring TV role since Magnum P.I. In 2010, he embraced another television venture, taking on the role of the Police Commissioner in the police drama series Blue Bloods. He also made appearances in Boston Legal. In a delightful reunion for fans, 2021 saw him return in HBO’s Friends: The Reunion. Not limited to acting, Selleck lent his distinctive voice as the narrator for the 2021 Discovery+ series, “Out Where The West Begins.”

Tom Selleck ventured into the music world in 2021, making his debut on the album “Act One” by Nicolas King, where he showcased his singing talent in the rendition of “Yessir, That’s My Baby.”

Tom Selleck’s Salary

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck’s earnings per episode on “Blue Bloods” amount to $200,000. However, during the heyday of his role in “Magnum P.I.” in 1985, he commanded a staggering $500,000 per episode. If we account for the effects of inflation, this would translate to a remarkable $1.2 million per episode in the current economic climate.


What is Tom Selleck's net worth?


In 1971, Tom Selleck tied the knot with model Jacqueline Ray. Following their union, Selleck officially became the father of her son, Kevin Shepard, who would later go on to become the drummer for the American rock band Tonic. Unfortunately, this marriage came to an end in 1982.

Fast forward to 1987, and Tom Selleck found love once again, this time with Jillie Joan Mack. Their union was blessed with a daughter, Hannah, just one year later.

Personal LifeTom Selleck

Tom Selleck, known for his passion for the great outdoors and shooting sports, has always been a vocal supporter of the NRA. His interests extend beyond firearms, though, as he’s equally enthusiastic about various sports, whether he’s participating or cheering from the sidelines. Selleck’s sporting prowess includes volleyball, where he’s known for his skill, and he’s a dedicated follower of NHL hockey.

However, in 2015, Tom Selleck found himself embroiled in a legal dispute with the Calleguas Municipal Water District. This legal battle arose due to allegations that he had improperly diverted approximately 1.4 million gallons of water to his avocado farm during California’s worst recorded drought in history. To resolve the matter, Selleck ultimately agreed to settle the lawsuit. As part of the settlement, he paid the Calleguas Municipal Water District the sum of $21,685.55, which was intended to cover their private investigator fees.

Real Estate

Tom Selleck

In 1993, Tom Selleck acquired a Hawaiian home, selling it in 2001 for $2.48 million after making intriguing renovations, including a private movie theater and a concrete “safe room” with a bank vault door.

In 1988, Selleck bought a 65-acre ranch in Ventura, California, for over $5 million. He does farm work on the property to maintain his sanity. The ranch features a heliport, tennis courts, swimming pools, and a golf course with a practice green. It’s a luxurious blend of rural tranquility and modern comfort.

Before acquiring his ranch, Selleck invested in an apartment in Los Angeles. Collaborating closely with James Blakely III, he embarked on a remarkable transformation of this 1,800-square-foot condominium, converting it into a charming rustic haven that bears a striking resemblance to an Edwardian country villa. It’s an apartment with a distinctly rural ambiance.

Quick summary

  1. Tom Selleck, the renowned American actor and producer, boasts a substantial net worth of $45 million and earns an impressive $200,000 per episode for his role in the hit TV series “Blue Bloods.”
  2. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Selleck’s life, from his early days and career highlights, including “Magnum P.I.,” to his personal life, interests, legal disputes, and real estate investments, such as his luxurious ranch and a transformed Los Angeles apartment with a rustic charm.

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