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What Is Kris Jenner’s Role as a Momager? Exploring the Hardships

Published on November 5th, 2023 | Updated on November 28th, 2023 | By FanFest

Khloé’s Frustrations with Kris: Momager Role and Trust Issues

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Kris Jenner, the renowned momager, has long grappled with her children’s persistent grievances about her limited availability. It’s undeniable that building a billion-dollar dynasty demands relentless hard work, and Kris Jenner has certainly put in her fair share of effort. Nonetheless, the latest episode of “The Kardashians” on Hulu, specifically episode six, shed light on her kids’ ongoing concerns. Khloé Kardashian sat down with her mother to candidly express the need for more support. The recurring theme of one child or another feeling they don’t receive enough of their mother’s attention has been a staple in the family’s narrative, dating back to their early years on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” on E!.

Khloé’s Complaints About Kris’ Momager Skills Are Deep Rooted

 Kris Jenner

In the third season of “Keeping Up,” Kris Jenner, still early in her career as a reality TV star and manager, attempts to juggle the careers of her daughters, Kourtney and Kim. Both sisters quickly voice their frustrations, feeling that Kris’s divided attention hampers her effectiveness. Kim is especially upset as her mother’s focus is diverted due to preparations for Comic-Con. In the midst of it all, Kourtney is left feeling the pressure when Kris forgets to attend her important first photo shoot while assisting Kim.

Kris Jenner

These grievances were voiced prior to the emergence of Kim’s shapewear brand SKIMS, and before KKW Beauty transformed into SKKN BY KIM. This discontent predated Kourtney’s launch of her lifestyle website Poosh and her gummi-vitamin brand, Lemmelive. Khloé had not yet introduced her clothing line, Good American. The youngest sister, Kylie, had not ventured into the realms of Kylie Cosmetics or her more recent fashion line, khy. These complaints harken back to a time before Kendall embarked on her modeling career, traveling across the globe, and her subsequent venture into 818 Tequila. Importantly, they surfaced before MET galas, fashion photoshoots, and global appearances became a regular occurrence for each of the siblings.

Kris Jenner

In all fairness to Kris, juggling the careers of her five fiercely competitive and accomplished daughters, along with one more low-key son, while simultaneously filming a reality TV show and striving to be present in the lives of her 12 grandchildren, is a monumental undertaking. Kris candidly begins season four of The Kardashians by acknowledging that she’s been pushing herself too hard. She admits that she used to have a habit of saying “yes” to everything and attempting to handle every business demand that cropped up for each of her children. She goes on to recognize that spreading herself too thin is not a healthy choice and emphasizes her intention to slow down this year.

Kris Jenner

This consistent critique from her children about a perceived lack of her undivided attention and her commitment to taking a step back prompts the question: will Kris be able to continue satisfying her clients’ needs, or is it perhaps time for at least some of them to consider moving on from their momager?

Khloé Lays Her Frustrations With Kris on the Table

Khloé Lays Her Frustrations With Kris on the Table

Khloé has always been the peacemaker in the family, skilled in understanding both sides of an argument. She’s spent years navigating her siblings’ frequent disputes, taking on the role of a mediator. However, she’s also known for her unwavering commitment to holding her family accountable and delivering harsh truths they may not want to hear.

The latest clash begins when Kris brings up the idea of Khloé starting a podcast. While Khloé acknowledges her mother’s point of view, she quickly realizes that she already has a full plate of responsibilities. Kris passionately advocates for this new career move, insisting that it’s a positive choice for Khloé.

Khloé, initially patient, carefully listens to her mother’s pitch. However, she has a laundry list of reasons why this podcast deal isn’t a good fit for her current situation. She believes her manager should already be taking care of her existing commitments. Khloé makes it abundantly clear to her mother that she’s overwhelmed with her current workload. Whether she’d excel as a podcast host or not, in her view, is completely irrelevant.

As Kris, the momager, persistently pushes for that elusive “yes,” we witness Khloé’s mounting irritation. She counters Kris’s compliments with a stark observation that her manager is essentially “only there until the contract is signed.” This leaves her feeling isolated and burdened with the task of delivering the promised product without a supportive team by her side. Kris, in her media-trained persona, tries to counter this narrative. She insists that they merely have differing opinions, attempts to discredit Khloé’s evaluation of their management relationship as unfair, and goes on to express concerns about her daughter “spiraling” without grasping the bigger picture.

The tension in the room is palpable, and it’s clear that if the cameras weren’t rolling, the conversation might have erupted into a more heated exchange. Khloé reaches a breaking point, adamant that she won’t continue a conversation where she feels unheard. She punctuates her frustration with a few well-chosen expletives and points out that she and her mother have essentially been “putting a Band-Aid over a bullet hole” for years.

In a confessional moment, Khloé questions whether her mother truly comprehends her perspective, stating that she no longer harbors any expectations of Kris, as she believes that “without expectations, you can’t be hurt.” The confrontation across the table between mother and daughter becomes difficult to watch, as Khloé’s pain is evident, and Kris remains laser-focused on the business aspect, seemingly missing the profound truth behind her daughter’s claims.

There’s a Lack of Trust From the Kar-Jenners in Kris As a Momager

There's a Lack of Trust From the Kar-Jenners in Kris As a Momager

The primary challenge confronting the momager relates to a fundamental issue of trust. In her attempts to persuade the audience that her concerns pertain more to her manager than her mother, Khloé inadvertently exposes the broader extent of her distrust. This mistrust is not confined solely to their professional relationship, as episode six vividly demonstrates. Khloé adamantly refuses to grant her mother permission to take her two grandchildren, True Thompson and Stormi Webster, to a friend’s farm for an unsupervised day. Instead of entrusting her mother with this responsibility, Khloé covertly tails them to ensure that her grandkids are not left to their own devices. This incident underscores Khloé’s profound lack of faith in her mother’s ability to care for the two girls without distractions, mirroring her lack of trust in her manager’s ability to fulfill promises.

Kris, on the other hand, appears taken aback when she spots her daughter’s vehicle arriving at the farm. She questions the production team, seeking to understand if they were aware of Khloé’s plans, and addresses the camera directly with inquiries such as “Are you kidding me?” and “Doesn’t she trust me?” The resounding answer to these questions is a conspicuous “no.” While the tensions seem to dissipate by the end of the visit, the smiles captured on camera appear somewhat forced, with both parties exchanging subtle, passive-aggressive remarks.

In light of the trust issues prevailing between mother and daughter, can Kris discover a means to maintain her client’s satisfaction? A sneak peek of the seventh episode offers a peek into Kris’s proposed remedy for Khloé’s managerial dilemmas. The preview exhibits Kris contemplating the use of a virtual reality squad to construct an AI-driven holographic representation of herself, which will be installed within her daughter’s residence (indeed, we find ourselves in a time of extraordinary innovation).

While it’s a classic tactic for the Kardashian family to resort to attention-grabbing stunts when attempting to drive home a point to one of their own, utilizing an AI assistant as a response to Khloé’s earnest plea for assistance raises some eyebrows. With Kris seemingly dismissing her daughter’s concerns and expressing a desire to reduce her involvement in work-related matters, the moment may have come for Khloé to consider bidding farewell to her role as Kris’s protégé. You can catch the latest episodes of “The Kardashians” now streaming on Hulu, and for those interested in earlier seasons of E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” they are readily available for viewing on Peacock.

Quick summary

  1. Khloé Kardashian’s Frustrations: The article delves into Khloé’s persistent frustrations with her mother, Kris Jenner, who serves as the family’s momager. It explores how Khloé’s complaints about Kris’s divided attention and management skills have deep-rooted origins, dating back to their early reality TV days.
  2. Trust Issues: Trust becomes a central theme as Khloé expresses doubts not only in her mother’s ability to manage her professional commitments but also in her capacity to supervise her own grandchildren. The article highlights an incident where Khloé covertly tails her mother to ensure her kids’ safety, reflecting her lack of faith in Kris’s promises.
  3. Kris’s Unconventional Solution: The article hints at Kris’s unusual solution to address Khloé’s managerial concerns involving the use of AI technology, raising the question of whether Khloé should continue in her role as Kris’s protégé. It also mentions the Kardashian family’s penchant for attention-grabbing stunts and suggests that Khloé might consider other options.

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