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What is Angel Reese’s net worth?

Published on October 26th, 2023 | Updated on October 26th, 2023 | By FanFest

LSU Basketball Sensation Angel Reese: From Humble NIL Beginnings to High-Profile Endorsements

Angel Reese

Angel Reese, the standout LSU basketball star, has come a long way from her modest NIL beginnings. With an impressive NIL valuation that soared to $1.6 million by June, Reese recently opened up about her early experiences with endorsement deals. In a candid conversation with Overtime, she shared that she refrained from splurging her first NIL paycheck.

“I decided to save it because it wasn’t a substantial amount,” Reese revealed with a chuckle. “My first check was rather modest, to be honest.”

While Reese did not disclose specific details about this initial deal, her journey since then has been nothing short of remarkable. Nowadays, she’s inking lucrative six-figure NIL agreements with a diverse array of brands, spanning the realms of beauty, fashion, sports, fitness, and lifestyle.

Angel Reese’s Remarkable NIL Success

Angel Reese

Reese, now a prominent figure in the world of collegiate sports and endorsements, exudes a newfound confidence and success. When asked about her recent experiences, she enthusiastically remarked, “I’ve been treating myself to quite a bit of shopping lately. I even indulged in a few designer bags.”

Angel Reese’s story serves as a testament to the transformative power of the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) revolution, enabling talented athletes like her to not only showcase their skills on the court but also secure substantial earnings through endorsement deals with a variety of esteemed brands.

“I just closed a deal with Benz, and now I’m rolling in a Benz,” she exclaimed, referring to the sleek black Mercedes-Benz she treated herself to for her 21st birthday this past May.

“It’s pretty remarkable because, you don’t often see a lot of black women sealing deals, especially with such prominent brands. So, being an example for many young girls who look like me, and showing them that they can achieve it, is pretty cool.”



Reese also mentioned her passion for shopping during her leisure time, along with enjoying some well-deserved rest, exploring new places, and diving into all things TikTok-related.

As of March 2023, Reese boasts 17 NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) deals, including partnerships with major brands like McDonald’s, Xfinity, Wingstop, and renowned backpack maker JanSport.

Angel Reese’s Journey to Stardom

What is Angel Reese's net worth?

Her list of endorsements has only grown since then, thanks to recent agreements with iconic names such as Sports Illustrated, Mercedes Benz, and ZOA Energy—Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s energy drink brand.

While Reese has built her career on her candid and unapologetic personality, she confessed that she never expected to be in this position at the tender age of 21.

“I didn’t envision myself being here right now,” Reese admitted in a separate video with Overtime. “It’s just mind-boggling.

“I think my transfer to LSU played a significant role. I’ve grown and matured a lot, so I believe that was the most significant leap for me within a year.”

In May 2022, Reese made the switch from Maryland to LSU, a mere 45-minute drive from her hometown of Randallstown.

Angel Reese

After two seasons with Maryland, Reese emerged as the top-rated player in the 2022 transfer portal.

She assumed the role of captain in her debut season at LSU, leading the Lady Tigers to their maiden national championship while maintaining an impressive double-double average.

Bayou Barbie’s ascent to social media stardom began in earnest after she arrived in Baton Rouge with roughly 70,000 Instagram followers, according to the LSU website.

Her Instagram follower count experienced a meteoric rise from just under half a million to over a million following LSU’s dominating 102-85 victory over Iowa in April.

Quick summary

  1. LSU basketball star Angel Reese’s NIL earnings surged to $1.6 million by June, marking a remarkable journey from modest beginnings. She initially saved her first modest NIL paycheck and has since secured six-figure deals with various brands, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the college sports endorsements arena.
  2. Reese’s story exemplifies the transformative impact of the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) revolution, empowering athletes to excel both on and off the court. Her recent accomplishments include signing a deal with Mercedes-Benz and becoming an inspiring role model for young women of color in the endorsement industry.
  3. Beyond her NIL success, the article touches on Reese’s love for shopping and leisure activities. It also recounts her transfer to LSU, where she captained the Lady Tigers to their inaugural national championship, while her social media following skyrocketed, solidifying her status as a college sports and endorsements standout.

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