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What I Love Wednesday: Adult-Friendly Cartoons!

What I Love Wednesday: Adult-Friendly Cartoons!

Welcome to my What I love Wednesday! This Wednesday I want to tell you why I love adult-friendly cartoons. I used to refer to them as ‘’adult cartoons” however it didn’t take me long to find out if you accidentally type that into a search engine what you find is traumatic and terrifying and you may never clear it from your mind. So I now say “adult- friendly cartoons”.

What I Love Wednesday: Adult-Friendly Cartoons!I guess I have Seth MacFarlane to thank for my obsession with adult-friendly cartoons. I remember when ‘Family Guy‘ aired and people lost their minds. I knew Matt Groening started the trend with ‘The Simpson’s‘ but for me ‘Family Guy‘ is what got me hooked. I guess it was because that was closer to my family than any other show came close too. I am aware of how sad that is. I do know that for 30 minutes in the comfort of my home I can laugh at jokes and puns that in our “PC” world we should not laugh at. I am not alone, and the ratings prove that. I am just willing to put it out there for the world to see that I laugh at inappropriate topics (Giggity).  So, Seth MacFarlane started my twisted cartoon fetish and it just grew with ‘American Dad’, ‘The Cleveland Show‘ and ‘Bob’s Burgers‘.

What I Love Wednesday: Adult-Friendly Cartoons!Then I welcomed ‘Archer‘ to the line-up, which took the “adult-friendly cartoon” to another level. From the drinking, drugs, sex and sometimes all those at the same time I was hooked. P.S. I didn’t know I could have a crush on a cartoon, but Archer is hot for a cartoon. I am just saying.

What I Love Wednesday: Adult-Friendly Cartoons!
Then my two favorite things collided when Hulu and Netflix started streaming all my favorite cartoons. So now at any given moment, I can bring all my favorite cartoons to the screen with just a touch of a button and all can be right with my world. I am watching ‘Family Guy‘ on Hulu now as I write this article. However, Hulu and Netflix are getting in on the adult animation game themselves with their own original series. Netflix has ‘F is for Family‘ which I really liked as well as ‘Big Mouth‘.   Hulu has ‘Mother Up‘ I also enjoyed.

What I Love Wednesday: Adult-Friendly Cartoons!I do however have a couple of questions that keep me up at night. I mean deep life-changing questions that I hope at some point in my life I can get the answers to. My first deep question is does anyone else understand Stewie besides Brian? Also is it Laugh and Cry or Effin’ Cry? I know I cannot be the only one that has been asking these questions! Right? Ok, maybe I have to much time on my hands.


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