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‘Westworld’ Recap ‘Vanishing Point’

Published on June 17th, 2018 | Updated on June 17th, 2018 | By FanFest

Westworld Recap ‘Vanishing Point’

The Man in Black wakes to find himself being taken care of by his daughter. She knows the truth of what he’s been doing all these years and wants in on his endeavor. This surprises the Man in Black, and asks why. Emily tells him that she is trying to mend the relationship between them, but also wants to figure out the key to immortality so she can bring her mother back and ask why she killed herself. Through a series of flashbacks, we find out that Juliet was an alcoholic. She and William had a strained relationship and it was because she saw the darkness within him, though never believed it to be true. The night she died, he confesses that he is exactly who she thinks he is. He also no longer belongs to her or this world. Earlier that evening, Ford gave the Man in Black the recordings from his time in the park. Juliet finds the disc and reviews his file. Her husband’s confession and the video footage leads her to take her own life.

Pictured: Sela Ward–Photo Courtesy of HBO

In the present day, the Man in Black doesn’t believe his daughter is real. He thinks she is just a part of Ford’s game. Nobody knows about the file Ford gave him, which he thinks gave her away as being a Host. Before he can get the truth, Delos forces show up. The Man in Black isn’t going to let them interrupt his game. He murders the men, then turns the gun on Emily and kills her. When he goes to prove that Emily is a Host, he finds the file grasped in her hand. She was human after all. Juliet left the file for her daughter so she could know the truth. The Man in Black wanders away from the scene and puts a gun to his head. He wonders if he ever had a choice at all. His final scene shows him cutting his right arm. Maybe he was trying to prove to himself that he is actually real.

Bernard makes his escape from the Mesa, but not before Ford has him give a message to Maeve, who is still having her code analyzed. Ford tells Maeve that she was his favorite Host, and that he had written her a much different story. This scene finally answers the question of whether Maeve actually made the decision to turn back last season. The answer is yes. She has achieved consciousness. Ford programmed her to escape before his new narrative took place, but underestimated how much she loves her daughter. Before he leaves her mind, Ford tells her to survive. Meanwhile, Bernard and Elsie head for the Valley, but stop along the way to gather weapons. Ford tells Bernard that Elsie will eventually betray him. Bernard fights off the urge to kill her, then goes through his code, desperate to erase Ford. He succeeds (or thinks he does), then leaves Elsie behind. She will be safer away from him.

Pictured: Evan Rachel Wood–Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO

After a tussle with the Ghost Nation, Dolores and Teddy are the only ones left. They continue to the Valley. While stopped at a rundown building, Teddy recounts the first time he saw Dolores. She was in the room the first time Teddy came online. He tells her that she is his cornerstone and that he has always loved her. Which is why what he has to do hurts so much. Teddy draws his pistol. He remembers everything and can’t forgive Dolores for changing him. Dolores says he can’t kill her, and Teddy agrees. He promised to protect her until the end of his days and apologizes for not being able to anymore. Teddy kills himself.

We are in for quite an interesting season finale as everyone comes together at the Valley. This week, we learned that the Valley houses all of the Hosts Delos has been making using the data gathered from the guests. Everything about them was known because there was a scanner in the hats given to them when they enter the park. What’s going to happen once Dolores gets there with the master code? And what is Ford doing? He orchestrated this whole thing, but why? Revenge against Delos and their experiments? He had a reason for dragging William back into the game, and I’m betting (hoping) we find out why next week. Also, there’s going to be quite a fight as Maeve’s analyzed abilities have been transplanted into a revived Clementine. Delos plans to use her to win the war. I can’t even imagine how the finale is going to play out and what will be teased for Season 3. The theme of this season has been chaos, and boy, has it been pretty chaotic.

The season finale of Westworld is entitled ‘The Passenger.’


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