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Westworld premiers tomorrow! What can we expect?

Published on October 1st, 2016 | Updated on October 1st, 2016 | By FanFest

For starters, the next best show on TV – but we all know, “it’s not TV. It’s HBO.”

There’s been a lot of much deserved hype going into the premier of Westworld (Oct. 2, 9pm), so from everything we’ve gathered what can we expect?

Photo: HBO

It’s HBO – sex, violence, high emotions and a killer (no pun intended) story line are a given.  The subject of sexual violence has already been touched upon and it’s made clear in every teaser that Westworld is about exploring every corner of human nature.  The theme park encourages it’s guests to find their true selves by “[satisfying] all your urges” – if you say so Aeden.

We can expect delicious cowboys, like James Marsden and sexy saloon girls, all day.

Thirdly, saddle up to have your mind blown as Westworld toggles with concepts such as: what makes something (or someone) real and as one Host points out, “if you can’t tell does it really matter?”  What are the responsibilities involved with new technology? Lisa Joy in an interview with Wired asks, “where is that line where it becomes immoral not to have empathy, even if you know that these creatures are artificial?”  The show is loaded with ideas and questions that will keep each episode on the edge.

Lastly, hopefully we’ll find out what’s going on with the guy drinking milk while it pours out of a hole in his gut.  Obviously he’s a Host, but why is he drinking milk in a saloon, after getting shot? If you haven’t caught that scene yet check it out below.

Westworld is here, tomorrow night, 9pm!


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