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Wesley Snipes Still Hopes To Realize His Lifetime Ambition Of Playing a Role In ‘Star Wars

Published on June 22nd, 2022 | Updated on June 22nd, 2022 | By FanFest

The actor and action hero Wesley Snipes‘ star doesn’t shine as brightly as it once did, but the actor and action hero has embarked on a notable comeback of sorts, albeit could it all come to a conclusion in the 59-year-old completing a lifelong ambition by boarding the Star Wars franchise?

Snipes has a long history of legal and personal troubles, but he’s received strong praise for his supporting work in Dolemite Is My Name, Coming to America, and the Netflix miniseries True Story. Sure, he’ll always be known for kicking butt, but there’s no denying that beneath the martial arts is a genuine dramatic ability.

The actor, who plays the protagonist of the Marvel series The Punisher on Netflix, has been a fan of Star Wars since its inception and would like to participate in any manner, including a possible guest appearance in The Mandalorian. Speaking to ComicBook he said,

“Well, it would’ve been cool to be a part of the Star Wars universe. Clearly I’m a fan from the ’70s. I remember going in the theater, having no idea what my friend was taking me to see, and mad at him for bringing me there initially, because I thought there was some Kung Fu movie that was a much better choice, and then being totally immersed into the world that they created, amazed by how they pulled it off, inspired in terms of, from an actor’s perspective.

That would’ve been fun to be a part of. Ah, Mandalorian, that’d be fun too. She and I, the actress, Ming-Na Wen. We did a wonderful piece that was an award winning piece, a drama, very different from the Marvel films that we’ve done after that. But it was called One Night Stand, it’s wonderful. You have to check it out one of these days, a relationship movie.”

Is Wesley Snipes the next Darth Vader? If he was given a stack of action sequences to show off his legendary ability to sock people in the face, he’d be an excellent addition to the series.

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