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‘Werewolf By Night’ Director Shares Behind-the-Scenes Video

Published on October 31st, 2022 | Updated on October 31st, 2022 | By FanFest

Gael Garcia Bernal’s werewolf antihero got his chance to shine in a one-take fight sequence long before the art of hallway fighting made its return in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sunday, Werewolf by Night director Michael Giacchino shared a behind-the-scenes look at the stunt workers preparing for said minute-long sequence. O’Neill and team used Home Depot moving boxes as props while they rehearsed it.

“Here’s a great video showing a rehearsal for our Hallway Fight in #werewolfbynight – our incredible stunt team, led by the great Casey O’Neill, brought their all for this shot which I had been thinking about since the start of production,”

When is the release date for Werewolf by Night 2?

There has been no confirmation of whether or not Werewolf by Night will get a sequel; however, character like Laura Donnelly (Werewolf by Night), Elsa Bloodstone, and Man-Thing are most likely to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point in the future. While it is uncertain as to when this special will take place, Giacchino says he has an idea of where it falls but it ultimately up to Marvel .

“I have a very specific idea of how this fits into everything, but those are all discussions yet to be had with everyone else at Marvel, Kevin and Stephen and Brian Gay and all, everybody else. The filmmaker expressed interest in having these types of discussions in an interview with Collider this month.

“In my opinion, you need some sort of reference when you’re creating something similar to this project. It could be for yourself or to another person regarding a motivation or character. Just as I said, this is how it fits in to my idea This is my version of where everything goes because I needed it in order to push this through.  We didn’t feel that this needed to be a part of this It wasn’t just about the money for me, I enjoyed doing it.”

How to watch Werewolf by Night

When Werewolf by Night didn’t receive a theatrical release, it was classified as a “Special Presentation,” by Marvel Studios and placed with the rest of their television shows produced for Disney+. Consequently, Werewolf by Night is only able to be watched on Disney+ and nowhere else.

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