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Welsh Composer Clarifies He isn’t Meghan Markle in ‘Disguise’ Following Viral Coronation Joke: ‘This is my everyday look’

Published on May 11th, 2023 | Updated on May 11th, 2023 | By FanFest

Mustachioed Welsh composer confirms he isn’t Meghan Markle in ‘disguise’ after viral coronation joke: ‘This is my everyday look’

Sir Karl Jenkins, a shaggy-haired, mustachioed, and bespectacled Welsh composer, found himself at the center of a viral joke and conspiracy theory suggesting that he was actually Meghan Markle in disguise during King Charles III’s coronation last Saturday. However, Jenkins took to TikTok to clarify his identity and put the rumors to rest.

In a TikTok video, seated comfortably on his sofa with soft classical music playing in the background, Sir Karl Jenkins addressed the speculation surrounding his appearance at the coronation. He introduced himself as the composer and confirmed that he had garnered significant attention since the event.

Jenkins, who had been seated near the front of Westminster Abbey due to his involvement in composing music for the ceremony, expressed his surprise at the notion that he was mistaken for Meghan Markle in disguise. Displaying a social media post joking about his appearance being a clever disguise to steal the Crown Jewels, Jenkins deadpanned and reassured viewers, “I look this way all the time.”

With a smile, the 79-year-old composer defended his distinctive mustache, revealing that he had sported it since he was 18 and that it was a trendy choice back then. He even shared a picture of himself playing the saxophone as a younger man, further highlighting his long-standing style.


Jenkins concluded his video by reiterating his true identity and dismissing any notions of sinister or surprising intentions behind his presence at the coronation. However, following his explanation, some social media users continued to suggest that his response mirrored what Meghan Markle herself would say if she were in disguise. Even Andrew Lloyd Webber, seated next to Jenkins during the coronation, tweeted that he could confirm it was unlikely to be Markle.

Amid the online discussions and speculations, one user wryly commented on the peculiar nature of the situation, stating, “Is there anything more ‘Britain In 2023’ than Sir Karl Jenkins taking to TikTok to explain that he is not Meghan Markle in disguise?”

In reality, Meghan Markle opted to stay in California with her and Prince Harry’s children on Prince Archie’s fourth birthday, which coincided with the coronation on May 6. Prince Harry, on the other hand, made a brief trip to London to witness his father’s ascension to the throne.

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