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‘Wednesday’ Teasing What’s to Come in Season 2

Published on February 8th, 2023 | Updated on February 8th, 2023 | By FanFest

Hunter Doohan and Jenna Ortega have a strong bond, both onscreen as Wednesday‘s romantic pair and off-camera as friends. As an added treat for fans of the show, Hunter has revealed what lies in store for Tyler’s future! Not being able to conceal his appreciation for Jenna’s acting skills, Hunter couldn’t help but shower her with compliments.

The star of Netflix’s hit series, Tyler – a character renowned for his contagious cheerfulness and charisma – has divulged some insight into the production process with ET on what’s to come for the second installment of the series.At the start of January, his co-star Ortega imparted her own intel on Season 2. Doohan is similarly in the dark as to what’s ahead because he hasn’t received any scripts yet – just like Ortega! Talk about serendipity.

“I’m not even hiding anything. I really don’t know. I’m really excited because now that Tyler’s secret is out of the bag, I’m excited for season 2 to kind of explore him fighting between the monster and the real version of him. And also, he doesn’t have his master, Christina Ricci, anymore, so what’s he gonna be like? I don’t know.”

'Wednesday' Teasing What's to Come in Season 2

In spite of not knowing what the future might hold, the actor assured he is “so excited to go back,” even if he “can’t really say anything besides that.” Naturally, the interview did not end there, as the 29-year-old weighed in on Ortega’s success, which has completely imploded on TikTok and social media, thus making her one of the most popular and successful online stars in recent years. “I’m so happy,” he said, “Jenna deserves all the success in the world.”

The Wednesday cast are adjusting to newfound stardom, which came storming in with sudden speed. Doohan noted that the Scream VI lead is dealing gracefully with a lot more on her plate amidst their ascension up the ladder of celebrity.

“She’s doing a stellar job, and she’s getting it tenfold of what the rest of us are having to deal with.”

Netflix has announced that Wednesday‘s will be returning for a second season, though no release date has been set as of yet. Fans can binge-watch the entire first season on Netflix now.

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