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Superman And Lois: We Know Why Kara Hasn’t Been Mentioned

I’ve had literally one gripe with Superman And Lois and it’s a pretty small one if I’m being honest. My only issue with the show so far is the unexplained absence of Kara Danvers, Clark Kent‘s cousin. Kara Danvers is also Supergirl, in case you haven’t put that together yet. Superman And Lois has been adamant in refusing to acknowledge the rest of the Arrowverse so far. That honestly isn’t a problem, if anything that’s been incredibly beneficial to the show. It’s allowed this new entry into this corner of the DC Universe to breathe and find its own footing. Superman And Lois has found its identity, without a doubt. Still, Supergirl is directly related to Superman and they couldn’t avoid talking about her forever. Now, the problem seems to have fixed itself. We know why Kara hasn’t been mentioned thanks to Supergirl‘s season premiere.

Superman And Lois: We Know Why Kara Hasn't Been Mentioned
Image: The CW

Supergirl aired its first episode last Sunday and finally concluded the storyline that began last season. It also revealed why Kara has been MIA in the Arrowverse ever sense. Truthfully we have no way of knowing how the shows are lining up, timeline-wise, these days. It seems like a safe bet that this episode takes place several months prior to the beginning of Superman And Lois. They were, after all, finishing a storyline from last year. This end result is why Kara hasn’t been seen at all this year! The season premiere of Supergirl saw Kara get trapped in the Phantom Zone while stopping Lex Luthor.

So the mystery is solved, friends! Kara hasn’t been around because she hasn’t been able to be around. I think the bigger question is does Clark not know this? Does he have any idea what’s going on with Kara? Kind of a dick to ditch your cousin so hardcore. Still, I’ll give Clark a pass since he doesn’t know, probably. Also, his mom died and there’s the whole thing going on with his kids. I’ll just take solace in the fact we know why Kara hasn’t been mentioned!

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