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We Could See Batgirl In Titans Flashbacks!

Published on August 19th, 2021 | Updated on August 22nd, 2021 | By FanFest

Barbara Gordon is, arguably, the most recognizable Batgirl. Don’t get me wrong, Stephanie and Cass are both really good, too, but Barbara is special. She was a great Batgirl, and even after being shot and paralyzed she remained great as Oracle. A fantastic show of disability in comic books and many disabled readers looked up to her. Now, in the comics, she was Batgirl again for a time but recently returned to Oracle. Meanwhile, Titans has Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon, wheelchair and all. This is a more mature Barbara but… could we see Batgirl flashbacks?

Barbara Gordon in Titans has taken over in her father’s footsteps and becoming commissioner of the GCPD. She’s no-nonsense and has a very different view on vigilantes than she does in the comic books. The Joker still shot her in the past, and there have been some implications that lead us to believe she may have been Batgirl in the past. That’s why we’re wondering if we could see Batgirl flashbacks?

Well, Savannah Welch discussed this very thing exclusively with and gave some really interesting information that has us interested in what’s coming next. You guys should really go read the entire interview for yourselves on I repeat, all the quotes following come from an exclusive interview Welch did with!

As I mentioned above, Welch was directly asked about whether or not we might see flashbacks to her time as Batgirl, to which she said “Well, as many of the fans know, this show seems to love flashbacks, and I can’t say what you’re going to flash back to, but you’ll get to see some early days Barbara, early days Babs and Dick, and what that dynamic was. There’s probably going to be some action. There was quite a bit of action in those early days, and I think that that’s about all I can share.”

That is definitely some great news for fans hoping to see how Dick and Barbara used to interact. She went on to discuss her relationship with Dick Grayson in the present time. “There was a little beef between them at first. Dick had left Gotham. Barbara obviously had been shot by The Joker already, was in the wheelchair. Jim Gordon had passed away. So, a lot of change had happened in her life since she and Dick were working together, and I think that she grew up quite a bit. I think that he probably had, too. And so when they reconnect, when he comes back to Gotham and you see her in this new role as commissioner, that’s the first time that Dick is seeing her as commissioner and in this position of power as a woman and a disabled woman in a position of power and trying to fill the shoes of her father, but do it in her own way.”

You can catch the first three episodes of Titans on HBO Max right now! There’s a new episode this Thursday as well, August 19, 2021!


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