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Wayne’s World 3: Director Discusses the 3rd Movie

Published on February 16th, 2022 | Updated on February 16th, 2022 | By FanFest

Wayne’s World (1992), based on a series of popular Saturday Night Live routines, earned over $180 million at the box office from a $20 million budget. It also launched Mike Myers‘ film career and introduced countless catchphrases such as “schwing,” “party on,” and “that’s what she said.”

The second Wayne’s World movie, which came out in 1992, was considerably less successful than the first film. It nonetheless delighted fans of the series.

Even as Myers demonstrated his enthusiasm for reprising signature roles in the Austin Powers and Shrek franchises, there was no indication from the cast or crew members about a continuation.

Asked about the possibility of a third movie during an interview with PopCulture, although Penelope Spheeris, who directed the film, didn’t completely rule it out, she certainly didn’t sound convinced.

“I don’t know. People send me storylines for Wayne’s World 3 and my answer to them is, ‘It’s called intellectual property, guys, and that belongs to Paramount. So why don’t you send your idea to Paramount? People send me [pictures], if they’ve got twins or something, they’ll send me [their kids] dressed up as Wayne and Garth, a little 3-year-old or whatever.

It would be really cool to see young kids as Wayne and Garth running around, but still have the older dads around. It’s funny because even when they’re not releasing a new product, people talk about Wayne’s World to me. It just lives on and on and on.

It is amazing because when we did the movie, we weren’t like, ‘Oh man, we’re going to make this really big hit. We’re all going to be famous for 30 years.’ We didn’t think that. We thought, ‘Oh hopefully we’ll get three or four theaters, and maybe it’ll last a week.’ We had no idea that it would last this long and people would still love it. But I know I am very, very grateful for it.”

With the recent release of the third Bill and Ted film, it’s clear that there is a considerable amount of affection for this early ’90s slacker comedy genre. So now may be the time for another film to come directly from Wayne’s basement to the fans.

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