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Watch the Terrifying New Trailer for Blair Witch

Published on August 26th, 2016 | Updated on August 26th, 2016 | By FanFest

In 1999, a found footage style horror movie came out called The Blair Witch Project.  While the film wasn’t the first of it’s kind, it was certainly marketed in a way that made viewers believe that it could either have been real or been so scary that they’d have an almost impossible time watching it.  Technology has made many advances since 1999 and today, a new trailer was released for Blair Witch which hits theaters on September 16th.

Blair Witch centers around a group of college students who make their way into a Maryland forest to investigate the disappearance of James’ sister, which is believed to have something to do with the Blair Witch.  It’s not long after they enter the forest that a terrifying presence surrounds and threatens to overtake them and it’s then that they realize how menacing and real the legend really is.

From the looks of this trailer, if you were scared by the 1999 film, you’ll be absolutely terrified by this one.  It’s a direct sequel to The Blair Witch Project and as time progresses, so do the minds of those behind horror films, always looking for the most realistic and raw ways to scare their audiences.

The original trailer for the film is just over two minutes and if you want to find out more or even take part of ‘the experience‘ online, you can go to their website and have a look around.

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