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Watch The ‘Anthem’ Demo Right Here!

Published on January 25th, 2019 | Updated on January 28th, 2019 | By FanFest

*UPDATE*: We finished the stream! If you would like to watch, head to around the 15 minute mark as we had server issues from the get go. Thanks!

Hello everyone! Who here is as excited as I am about Anthem? Well, today is the day we finally get some hands on time with our favorite Iron Man-like armor suits. If you are not getting a chance to play, or you just want to get a look at what it looks like for someone else, we at Fan Fest have you covered!

I, David Burdette, will be hosting a stream of Anthem gameplay (fingers crossed) on YouTube tonight (January 25th) around 6pm Central time. It will also save so even if you miss the stream, you will be able to watch it. The video is right below!

As for what I am hoping for with the demo?

  • More depth of story

There are plenty of MMOs out there, and a growing genre of looter shooters. But story is not something most do well given the way you design them. BioWare is a household name at creating a compelling tale, so my expectations are high for them to pull me in with the narrative. I am not expecting anything of Mass Effect magnitude, but they need to set the standard for the genre.

  • Tight controls, better servers

I am worried about the second one more than the first. BioWare designed great controls for Mass Effect Andromeda, and that bled through in what I played of the alpha. More of that in the demo would be nice to see as some had issues with control. Apparently the servers are a big issue already unfortunately as I attempt to log in. Online games constantly have proven to be messy at launch, but for once I would like to see a dev team do it right. We will see as the demo weekend progresses.

  • Depth of customization 

Every MMO has a suite of what you can change. I did not see much in Anthem’s alpha, so hopefully they were holding back. I want to see a variety of abilities, weapons, and gear. Some things do not matter as much to me, like changing the look of my pilot. Just get me into my Javelin and let me go to town.

Anthem’s demo begins today, January 25th, and lasts until January 27th. It will open again, this time to the public as well, on February first through the 3rd. Anthem will launch February 22nd on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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