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Watch Stephen Colbert and Milo Ventimiglia Honor ‘Hot TV Dads’ for Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day and we hope all you dads out there are enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening with your loved ones. While on television you’re probably seeing a lot of shows and films with Father’s Day messages, Stephen Colbert linked up with Milo Ventimiglia to wish a special group of dads a Happy Father’s Day who are often…overlooked.

If you guessed ‘Hot TV Dads’ for that overlooked category – you’re right! The pair discussed the ‘desperately overlooked’ subcategory of hot TV dads.

In addition to themselves, and a surprised Milo when Stephen lumped himself into the same category, the pair named off Coach Taylor, Sam Bennett, Jaime Lannister, and, lest we forget…Bob Belcher.

While the whole scene was done in good fun, there are some awesome (and hot) TV dads out there who do inspire pop culture fans everywhere. From Milo as Jack Pearson to Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd – just to name a few – these guys play roles on television (some are dads in their real lives too) and they paint an image of strong men for their children and partners.

So from us to hot TV dads everywhere, and to all you awesome dads out there – no matter what it is that you do – we’re massive fans of yours! Happy Father’s Day.

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